How to Choose the Best Shiatsu Pillow?

Whenever you decide to try something new, you need to prepare yourself with the appropriate gear for it. For instance, if you plan on introducing yoga to your lifestyle, it may be wise to invest in the appropriate clothing and a good quality yoga mat.

Similarly, when you plan on getting or giving a shiatsu massage, it wouldn’t hurt to invest in a Shiatsu table and a pillow.


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While a Shiatsu table is an expensive investment, Shiatsu pillows are comparatively cheap. These are specially designed pillows that not only ensure your comfort while you are being massaged, but also help enhance the therapeutic benefits of the massage. However, before you go ahead and purchase one for yourself, you must ensure that you are getting a pillow that is suited to your particular needs.

Main Features

There are many different types of Shiatsu pillows available commercially, but the most popular ones are those that come with massage balls. These pillows usually have specific options that can be used for heating the neck and the head. The pillows are also available in different firmness grades. You simply have to perform some research to find out what’s available commercially, and then look at the features that are suited to your individual needs. There are several online product reviews that detail the features of various available pillows. Reading them can help you select a pillow that suits your needs.

You can also visit a sports or lifestyle store and look at the various massage pillows they have on offer. You may talk to your therapist to get inputs on which pillow would be best for you and which particular features you should look for in it.


Like any other product, the cost of a Shiatsu pillow also depends on the quality of the pillow and the features it offers. Different brands may offer pillows at different prices, so it is really difficult to quote a single price for them. For instance, pillows that offer orthopedic technology may be priced differently than pillows that offer only massage balls or heating. Pillows with multiple features are usually costlier than those that have single features in them. Price often also depends on the texture, appearance, and the quality of the materials used in the pillow. So it all really comes down to what kind of pillow you want and how much you are willing to pay for it.

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