Should Cancer Patients Opt For Massage Therapy?

(December 19, 2012)

Complementary therapies such as massages are increasingly being used for the treatment of many ailments and diseases. One such case is cancer, where massage therapy has been known to help patients cope with pain and stress.

So, how does massage therapy benefit cancer patients? The primary benefit of a massage is that it provides relief from pain and stabilizes mood fluctuations and emotional stress, thus improving the overall quality of life. To break it down, undergoing massage therapy aids in helping patients deal with anxiety, headaches, pain, and stress. In fact, there is some scientific proof that shows that massage therapy can help elevate mood levels and improve sleep. It has been observed that well rested patients handle the cancer treatment much better. Additionally, massage therapy also helps improve circulation; improved circulation means improved reach of the drugs administered to treat the cancer. The kinds of massages commonly used for cancer patients are light touch massage, Swedish massage, and reflexology, and there are studies that show that touch therapy helps ease nausea brought about by conventional methods of cancer treatment like chemotherapy.

Always consult your oncologist before starting massage therapy, and make sure that you get an experienced therapist who is able to help you according to your needs and requirements. It should be noted that massage therapy cannot treat cancer; it is used only as a complementary treatment option to manage the pain and other symptoms.

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Over the years, the use of many different massage therapies to help with all kinds of health problems has gained popularity. In the United States, this form of medicine is known as complementary and alternative medicine.

So, is massage therapy safe for cancer patients? Yes, it is. In fact, a number of medical facilities offer massage therapy as a treatment option for cancer patients, and studies have shown that advanced cancer patients benefit from this massage therapy, with some benefits being pain relief, decreased stress, and improved quality of life. While there is no scientific proof that massage therapy reduces the cancer cells from spreading or growing, this form of therapy is believed to help in the management of symptoms.

Nevertheless, patients should check with their oncologist before opting for a massage that is performed with deep pressure and involves kneading or pressing of joints and muscles. Moreover, patients who suffer from any cancer that has affected their bones should avoid massage therapy as pressure could result in a fracture as the bones will be brittle. In addition, massaging any area near a tumor should be avoided as the chances of cancerous cells moving to other parts of the body are thus increased. Also, it is preferable for cancer patients undergoing radiation to avoid massage therapy, as even the lightest touch could be extremely uncomfortable.

While massage therapy is generally safe and can be tailored according to the needs of the patient suffering from cancer, it is important to find a professional massage therapist who knows about your cancer, treatment plan, and medical history. Also, make sure that you inform your oncologist before undertaking massage therapy.

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