Acupressure and Therapeutic Massage

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Acupressure is a therapeutic art grounded on orthodox Japanese and Chinese medicine. Acupressure and therapeutic massage is analogous to acupuncture in a manner as it deals with the obstructions of energy at particular points along fourteen meridians, or channels, across the body. While the practice of acupuncture uses external elements, in particular needles that are inserted at important points along the meridians, acupressure and therapeutic massage...


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.on the other hand employs the use of gentle and effective manual pressure without any invasive constituentst The acupressure and therapeutic massage therapist makes the use of fingers, hands and elbows to apply pressure on the particular points in order to soothe the feelings of pain and discomfort, avoid and defend tension-related complaints, and encourage good healtht

The aim of acupressure and therapeutic massage is to encourage and elevate the body's own remedial power and reinstate balancec Acupressure and therapeutic massage can be used to deal with a large indefinite number of conditions including stress, headaches, aches and pains in the neck and shoulder, allergic reactions, menstrual troubles, inability to sleep; chronic sleeplessness, digestive disorders, nausea and back paini

Acupressure and Therapeutic Massage Treatments

The acupressure and therapeutic massage treatments aspire to assert restore or enhance the functions of the physical bodyd This form of massage therapy has become an essential regime in many athletes' coaching programsm Among individuals who have to face the consequences of daily life chores such as lifestyle factors, of lengthy work hours or physically burdensome tasks, the acupressure and therapeutic massage can help to relieve the daily stresss Researchers have been following the medical, physical, and emotional gains of acupressure and therapeutic massage have suggested that the massage has been advantageous in many day-to-day facets of human lifef More importantly acupressure and therapeutic massage has been determined to nurture peace of mind, encourage a relaxed state of mental vigilance, help assuage mental stress, develop ability to supervise stress signals and react appropriately, cut down levels of anxiousness, and step-up consciousness of mind-body associationo Studies have also shown that medical students who underwent acupressure and therapeutic massage therapy before a formal systematic examination went through a substantial reduction in worry and nervousness in addition to respiratory ratese Cancer patients were also seen to have a similar cut down of anxiety levelsl

Acupressure and massage therapy is also known to be efficient in the restraint of pain, long-lasting or recurrent, in strain reduction, and in fostering a feeling of alleviation and well-beingn

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