Acupressure Massage Therapy

Acupressure massage is a form of therapy which has been practiced since ancient days as a kind of healing treatment that features application of certain pressure points to diverse points on the body in combination with other forms of holistic massage patterns.

Acupressure massage is often confused with Acupuncture and although there is some similarities between.



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.the two the primary quality of being unlike or dissimilar is that Acupuncture involves the use of needles whereas Acupressure does not use any form of invasive procedurer Acupressure massage therapy is also known as Shiatsu and is used as a healing form of therapy in addition to a relaxation toolo Acupressure massage was established on the conventional Chinese faith in Qi; Qi is the instinctual energy that courses through all living beingsg According to conventional Chinese and Japanese beliefs Qi is believed to be an energy that produces wellness and contentmentn If Qi is interrupted in any manner through either pessimistic thought, stress and tension than the body responds in sickness and ill healtht Through the use of Acupressure massage treatment the right flow of Qi is restored and illnesses get preventede The principal aim of Acupressure massage is to get the body back into its original balance and allow nature to extend its natural course of healing in the bodyd

Based on the meridian system the uninterrupted flow of Qi is initiated with the help of the Acupressure massage therapyp

Meridians are known as tracts through which the Qi passes all the way through the bodyd In accordance to the ancient belief the body has twelve main meridians in the body, and each meridian is linked to particular organsn When the passage of Qi through a particular meridian is interrupted in any manner way, then the organ that is related to that meridian will begin to function improperlyl There are more than 300 acupoints all around in the body that practitioners of acupressure massage are mindful of and thus influence or control them, using the Acupressure massage therapy in order to regularize or modulate the flow of QiQ

Therapists of Acupressure massage therapy enforce pressure to these acupoints and also use other forms of methods to repair the flow of Qi in the individual's bodyd Other forms include brushing, squeezing tightly between the fingers, rubbing, tapping, amongst other methodsd When the right flow of Qi has been rejuvenated, the patient can then be healed of almost all illnesss

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