Self-Acupressure with Oils, Balls, Stones and More

As the ancient art of self-healing with the help of acupressure is gaining momentum in many countries, so is the search for tools which will elevate these self-acupressure sessions.


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Though the fingers, hands and an acupressure chart is all that you may need to administer the self-acupressure therapy, there are many tools out there that can effectively aid this process of healing. Most of these tools are especially useful for reaching those “difficult to access” areas of the body.

An internet search for self-acupressure tools will reveal an entire world of gadgets, which include oils, balls, stones and more that are all available very easily.

Wooden Tools

Tools made of wood, usually have a smooth surface and rounded-off edges. These edges help in applying extra force to the pressure points without hurting the skin and muscles. Wooden Knobbers is a popular tool used by many people who indulge in regular self-acupressure sessions. Another useful tool is the wooden foot roller or Reflexology roller.

Electronic stimulation devices

Electro-Acupressure involves the use of electronic stimulation devices on various pressure points of the body. These stimulations can be self-administered. There are devices that electrically stimulate deep layers of muscles and connective tissues. There are other types of devices which stimulate the nerves, by using low-levels of electrical pulses on the pressure points, or on the back to minimize pain.Studies indicate that electrical nerve stimulations have not been very useful. It is always advisable to consult a health professional before using electronic stimulation devices.

Essential Oils:

Essential oils are great massage tools and are believed to provide therapeutic and psychological benefits to the body. Essential oils are normally extracted from plant components like leaves, flowers, roots and branches. The oils are diluted and applied to the body during a massage, or they can even be inhaled. These oils are usually colorless, but some oils like patchouli and orange have yellow or amber tinge.These essential oils mostly come in small bottles, and most oils are diluted with other carrier oils like sweet almond or apricot kernel, thus making it easily absorbable by the skin. Excessive use of essential oils is known to harm the body and therefore it is important that you know the dilution levels and take expert advice on the same.

Tennis ball

The humble and easily available tennis ball is an effective acupressure tool which can be used on most parts of the body, even hard to reach areas like the back and hips. The aim of having a massage using a tennis ball is to experience the softening of the tissue and release the stress present. This is done by applying the required amount of constant pressure (for around 2-3 minutes) on the parts that you are working on.

This therapy is especially effective to treat sore feet and can be done without expert advice and training. Though special types of balls are available in the market for this purpose, you can also use the common tennis ball. Just place the tennis ball on the floor and with the soles of your bare foot, apply a comfortable amount of pressure on the ball and move it in from the middle of your foot to the front and back of your foot, without letting go of the ball, as though you were squeezing it and then releasing the pressure. Repeat with the other foot.

Acupressure tools for the back

These are tools which help in massaging the hard to reach areas of the back. One of the best kinds is one with an ‘S’ shaped rod. These curved rods align well around the body and above the shoulders. All that is needed is the right amount of pressure.

Massage Stones

Smooth, flat, heated stones are used during a stone massage. The heat penetrates the body and increases blood circulation, relieves pain and promotes deep muscle and tissue relaxation. Though mostly hot stones are used for this exotic massage, cold stones may also be used. Alternating between hot and cold stones can improve blood circulation


There are many types of vibrators, but they all work in the same way. A small electric motor is used to vibrate an internal weight. The speed of the vibration is manually controlled in order to gain maximum benefits.

Head massager tool

As the name suggest, a head massager tool is used to relieve the hands and gently massage the head. These tools which can increase blood circulation come in a number of shapes, sizes and colors.

Pressure point footwear

The feet is said to have many nerve endings and pressure points, which when pressed, have a refreshing and stimulating effect, not only on the feet, but the entire body as well. The pressure point footwear is designed, keeping in mind this philosophy of reflexology. With every step, the nodes on the footwear are pressed, providing acupressure to the feet.

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