Chinese Foot Massage Pressure Points And Reflexology

Given the fact that we place a lot of stress on our feet on a daily basis, what with our very hurried and busy lives that require us to constantly remain on our feet, the human feet will regularly need some amount of relaxation time.

A foot massage after a long and tiring day will do wonders for the upkeep of the feet and reduce the amount of fatigue a person experiences quite significantly.


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The Chinese foot massage and Thai foot massage share a lot of similarities in that they involve the stretching and massaging and application of pressure focused on clearing the energy lines of the feet. Some massage therapists will incorporate the use of a stick or other object to stimulate the areas known as the Chinese foot pressure points on the feet - which will trigger a reaction in the corresponding internal organs of the body. Also known as reflexology, this relaxing foot massage can be easily administered to your self with the simple props of a chair and an acupressure map of the human foot that helps you identify the pressure points that require stimulation.

The first method of reflexology is to rub the entire foot and ankle, paying close attention to the sore or tender points. There are a number of techniques that can be administered in this method and it is best performed by some one trained in the art.

The second method can be performed on yourself and will usually take no more than 5 to 10 minutes in a single session.

All you need to do is sit on a firm and comfortable chair and raise on of your feet and place it on the other to allow you to easily access the bottom of the foot. Locate the point on your foot that requires stimulation with the help of the acupressure foot chart and, using the tip of your thumb, apply some amount of pressure to the identified point. Knead your thumb into the foot for a couple of minutes but avoid putting too much pressure so as to injure your foot tendons and tissues.

The best time to perform this foot massage would be after a tiring day, just before going to bed to allow your foot a significant period of rest after the massage before exposing it to any additional stress. Repeat the therapy a couple of times a week and on both feet for best results.

Chinese Foot Massage And Reflexology
Chinese Foot Massage And Reflexology
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