Is yoga an alternative for the treatment of clubfoot?

(February 27, 2013)

Clubfoot is a foot defect usually present at birth, where the baby is born with a foot that is twisted out of shape or not in the normal position. In most cases, the newborn is completely healthy excepted for this isolated defect. Clubfoot can affect one or both feet and can be mild or severe. The moment when your child starts walking is when the clubfoot affects his or her normal development. To prevent this from happening, treatment for clubfoot is generally recommended soon after birth. Another reason for this immediate treatment is that at birth, the child’s bones are very flexible and responsive to manipulation.

Treatment for clubfoot includes a type of treatment known as the Ponseti method. Named after the doctor who created this treatment, it involves manipulating the foot into the correct position and enveloping it in a cast to ensure that it maintains the new position. This stretching and casting continues of several weeks until the foot is aligned properly. In severe cases, surgery may be required and the child will need to wear a foot brace to prevent any recurrence of the condition. As of date there is no evidence to prove that yoga can directly help clubfoot. If your child’s condition is not completely treated early on, yoga can help stretch out and loosen tight foot and ankle muscles but not completely remedy the condition.

Submitted by C D on February 27, 2013 at 11:55

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