Using Traditional Reiki for a Healthy Body

Submitted by chris parker on December 14, 2012

Reiki is an ancient healing practice that is said to have originated in Tibet over 3,000 years ago. It was rediscovered in Japan and has been in practice ever since. Reiki practitioners believe that the body has seven energy circles or chakras that correspond to seven major organs of the body. Free flowing energy chakras denote a healthy body and mind. An obstruction in any of these energy fields leads to physical or mental illness.


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Reiki helps to resolve these energy imbalances through massages or meditation. Reiki also strengthens the body’s immune system so that it can heal itself.

The modern world today is sitting up and taking note of alternative healing practices like Reiki to help resolve health problems.

Small bodies of research are proving the efficiency of such treatments. The Reiki healing process usually works when a certified healer uses his/her hands to transfer energy to the patient. Physical contact is recommended, but not necessary. Certain studies have proved that healing can also take place over long distances without any contact between the healer and the patient.

One can also practice Reiki individually without a healer. This form of Reiki is very simple and is easy to practice. Seat yourself comfortably with your hands placed as if in prayer. Ideally, the environment should be calm and quiet so as to aid meditation. Begin by breathing in and out slowly. This helps to calm the mind and remove unnecessary thoughts. While breathing in, envisage healing energy entering your body and making its way through all your chakras removing all obstructions with it. When you exhale, imagine this healing energy leaving your body and merging with the universe. If you have a particular health problem, concentrate on the chakra that corresponds to it while breathing. Repeating this process will have a calming effect on the mind and will leave you feeling refreshed and energized.

Reiki healing is not limited to the self. You can try simple healing to help another person as well. Start with meditating in the same manner described above. Once the energy starts flowing freely within your body, use your imagination to send this energy to the other person. Envisage that this healing energy purifies and removes all obstacles in the other person’s chakras.

Reiki healing is proving to be an effective method of alternative therapy. However, please do not ignore medical science and stick only to the practice of Reiki healing. Consult your doctor regularly and continue with allopathic treatment alongside Reiki healing for the best results.

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