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(September 3, 2010)

how can i get flat abs, as im not too obese, i am in healthy bmi

Even if you are not obese, certain areas of your body could well do with targeted exercise.  You can try Yoga for abdominal muscles; the bending and stretching involved in various Yoga poses can sculpt those flat abs.
While you are practicing Yoga for abdominal muscles, you need to remember that simply toning the region will not help. To truly experience ‘flat abs’, you will have to work this area to lose unwanted flab first. The gradual practice of Yoga will help strengthen the core and tighten your abdominal muscles, giving this region both structure and definition.
Flab to Fab
Some of the beginners’ poses in Yoga for abdominal muscles include Dandasana or Plank pose, Navasana or Boat Pose, Bhujangasana or Cobra Pose, and Utthita Trikonasana or Side Triangle Pose. These poses not only strengthen the core but also lengthen it. When you practice these poses, concentrate on using your abdominal muscles and not your back or thigh muscles.
You have to work both your major abdominal muscles in the front and the obliques to your sides. This is especially beneficial for women, who aspire to a V-shape in the ab region.
Another benefit of practicing Yoga for abdominal muscles apart from making your core stronger is that as a consistent Yoga practitioner it will give you added strength to go deeper into your poses. A strong abdominal region will help you conquer the more challenging Yoga poses and give you greater endurance to hold a pose longer. This can only contribute to a flatter abdominal region.
Meditation for abs
An intrinsic part of Yoga is its emphasis on Pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation. While the breathing techniques oxygenate and rejuvenate your senses, the meditation for abdominal muscles help you focus on your core. The practice of Yoga is a holistic process, which involves a better understanding of your mind, body and spirit. Ancient Yogis believed that meditation helped to garner awareness of the self. Take a moment to understand your body and talk it away from indulgences to build a stronger, leaner self.
Tai Chi
An alternate activity that will provide fitness for abdominal muscles is Tai Chi. Similar to Yoga, Tai Chi for abdominal muscles concentrate on the various physical stances to provide balance and endurance, while the breathing technique helps to build energy or ‘chi’.
While an intense workout can tighten your abs, a relaxing massage for the abdominal muscles will release any tension. It will also help to realign stressed or pinched nerves and loosen any overwrought abdominal muscles. Headed to a spa or giving yourself a massage, remember to use circular motions and be gentle on the delicate torso area.
Learn to relax and do not overstretch yourself at anytime during your workout or massage.  You can be a proud owner of a flat, toned ab with the right amount of exercise, diet and relaxing massage.

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Yoga Poses to Tone Abdomen  

The best kind of workout to reduce fat in the abdominal region and build muscles is through a combination of intensive cardio vascular exercises and aerobic movement.  In addition, resistance training or weightlifting also helps to burn fat and build muscles.  More importantly take a closer look at the kind of foods that you are currently eating and try to work around it by incorporating good amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables.  In addition to exercise, developing a healthy diet with the right kind of nutrition and the right types of foods to be eaten also plays a major role.  It is important to know the amount of calories to consume in a particular meal, and on the whole during the day.

In order to work of the fat in the lower stomach region, start with sit-ups in addition to particular abdominal exercises along with the correct breathing techniques.  But the best forms of yoga to get rid of abdominal fat are the Hatha Yoga and various asanas involved in it. Along with sit-ups, also attempt vajrasana, but only added the guidance of a qualified Yoga instructor.  This particular exercise has worked wonders for a number of people who have been struggling with excess body weight, especially in the abdominal region. Also include crunches along with the sit-ups in your daily fitness schedule.

Remember to stay hydrated all-day long, especially if you are involved in an intensive workout.  A minimum of 8 to 10 glasses of water must be drunk daily and if need to drink more do not hesitate.  Water in its purest form without any additives, chemicals or sugars is the best liquid for the body in order to get rid of the toxins and other harmful matter.  Stay away from aerated drinks and sugary liquids as these can get you even more dehydrated and also harmful in the long run.

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