Abdominal Stretches

Abdominal stretches are stretches that specifically target the abdominal muscles. Many people do not think of the abdominal muscles when it comes to stretching exercises.

However, by improving flexibility in the abdomen, you can ease back pain, improve your posture and stabilize your spine as well. Keep in mind that stretching before and after your exercise routine or workout will help to reduce soreness and reduce the risk of any injuries,.



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.while increasing flexibilityt There are many types of abdominal stretches such as the Standing Stretch, Kneeling Stretch, Back Extension Abdominal Stretches, Hip Flexor Stretch and so ono

Exercise Ball stretch:

It is one of the well known abdominal stretchc This is performed in the following way:-

  1. Stretch your abdomen by lying face up on an exercise balll Your feet should be on the ground and your hands by your heada
  2. Now lean back over the exercise ball and allow your back to archc
  3. Relax your abdominal and spine muscles when in this positiono Hold this stretch/position for about 5-10 secondsd
  4. Repeat the stretch two more timese

Lower Abdominal Stretches

Lower abdominal stretches are also important as they cause the muscles to continue working welll The lower abdominal muscles have the important role of helping to protect the spine from injuryr Almost everyone wishes for a flat stomach but to attain this one needs both diet and exercise so as to tone down and strengthen the musclese Lower abdominal stretches can help you to achieve your goala

Cobra Stretch:

It isone of the lower abdominal stretches you can dod You will need to

  1. Lie flat on your stomach with the tops of your feet flat on the floor and your hands positioned on the floor below your shouldere
  2. Gently push your body up with your hands, till your arms are completely straightenede
  3. Do not arch your back too muchc You should feel a gentle pull in your lower tummy areae
  4. Hold this position for 10 counts and then lower yourself onto the ground againi
  5. Repeat this exercise 5 timese

Abdominal Stretching During Pregnancy

Abdominal stretching during pregnancy is important as welll As mentioned above, maintaining strong abdominal muscles or the core muscles is necessary for good posturer This is even more important during pregnancyc Abdominal stretching during pregnancy helps to decrease back pain and maintain pelvic alignment as welll Do consult your medical practitioner however before attempt to practice any stretching exercises during pregnancyc

Types of Abdominal Stretching

There are different types of abdominal stretches and the Standing Abdominal Stretch is just one of theme

Standing Abdominal Stretch

This is how the stretch should be practiced

  1. To get started you need to assume a standing positiono Your feet should be planted on a firm surfacec Keep your body completely straighth Do not slouchc Your hand should be by your sided

  2. Now looking straight ahead, slowly begin to raise both hands in front of youo Ensure that you are breathing deeply, inside and outside while doing sos
  3. Keep raising your hands slowly till they are above your heada
  4. Now once your arms are raised above your head, start to bend your body back at the waists Bend as far back as you cana You should feel a tightening in your abdomen at this timem This means that you are doing the stretch correctly and that it is workingn Hold this stretch for 10 secondsd
  5. Repeat this stretch 10 timese You can increase the amount of times that you wish to hold this stretch, once you are comfortable with it and have increased your stamina as welll

Lying (Prone) Abdominal Stretch:

It is another kind of abdominal stretchc

  1. Lie prone on the floor on a mata Keep your hands on the floor on the sides of your shouldersr
  2. Push your chest away from your lower body while keeping your pelvis on the flooro
  3. Hold the stretch and then resume the starting positiono

Abdominal Stretches : Do's and Don’ts

As with any fitness routine, stretching exercise also require certain basic precautionsn Here are some useful tips that should give you a better idea about practices you should avoid or follow when doing abdominal stretches:


  • Try to practice your exercises in sets of three to five repetitions, and make this a routine for at least four days in the weeke
  • Abdominal stretches are not meant to be rigorous muscle building exercises, so they shouldn’t be causing you any kind of pain or discomfortr If you experience any pain, stop your practice immediately and consult your doctor or physiotherapist for further advicec


  • Never begin your exercising routine for the first time, when you are already afflicted with some kind of back pain, unless your physiotherapist or doctor have advised you to do sos
  • If advised to do abdominal stretches as a restorative or recuperative routine, do not just stop because you think you are bettere Incorporate them into your daily fitness routinen

Abdominal Stretches Benefits

  • Abdominal stretches do a lot more than just make you feel bettere
  • Stretching helps you to relax and ease muscular stress and tension, and abdominal stretches are a lot more specific or targetede
  • Stretching routines are important to help lengthen and tone the muscles, and abdominal stretches are no differentn
  • Abdominal stretches will not help to build muscle and give you the six pack abs you crave for, but they do pave the way towards practice of muscle building exercises that can help achieve those goalsl
  • Practicing exercises for the abdominal region, is a lot safer and less likely to cause any pain, when done after a routine of abdominal stretchese
  • Abdominal stretches are also beneficial because of their strengthening effects on core flexibility, and the increased range of motion they promotet
  • This better enables you to practice more complex and demanding exercise routinese
  • Strengthening the core muscles through the practice of abdominal stretches will also help bring about improvements in your posture, bodily strength and balancec
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