Bicep Stretch

Biceps are the muscles on the front of your upper arm and contribute greatly to the strength of your arms. If you are into bicep workouts, it is important that you carry out bicep stretch exercises to avoid injury.

These should be done before and after bicep workouts to retain the development in your biceps.

Bicep stretching exercises usually involve keeping your arms in a relatively fixed position and.



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Exercises for Biceps

.moving the rest of your body in a manner that stretches your biceps musclese

Types of Biceps Stretch

There are several types of biceps stretch exercises one of which is the standing Biceps stretchc There are several standing biceps stretch routines that one could practice under the guidance of an instructoro The common exercises are as follows:

Exercise 1:

  1. Stand firmly with your legs slightly apart and knees slightly bentn
  2. Stretch your arms to the side such that your palm faces forwardr
  3. Now turn your hand so that the palms face back and stretch your arms behindn
  4. This will stretch your biceps and chest musclese

Exercise 2

  1. Stand upright with your back against the walll
  2. Raise your arms and touch the wall with the flat of your palm such that your fingers point upwardsd
  3. Lean to the front and squata
  4. Hold this position for about 10 to 30 secondsd

Exercise 3:

  1. Stand with your right side facing a walll
  2. Position your shoulder, elbow and palm against the walll

  3. Breathe out slowly and rotate your body while maintaining contact between the wall; you can move your arm upward or downward while turningn

Bicep Stretching : Do's & Don'ts

As with all other exercises, there are several Bicep Stretching Do's & Don'ts that one should keep in mind before beginning or continuing with the exercises

  • Bending your back during exercise could lead to serious lower back injuriese To avoid this, always keep your back straight while performing the stretchese
  • Make sure to rest enough between each set of stretches
  • Breathe normally during stretching and never hold your breath and avoid focusing on the biceps alonen
  • You need to realize your physical limits and never overdo these stretchese You should look at them as part of your warm up and cool down routine and so perform them within your comfortable limitst
  • You should always warm up before the biceps stretching exercisese

Bicep Stretching Benefits

  • The most important benefit is that it will warm up the muscles for more rigorous training and prevent chances of injuryr
  • Injury free muscles would mean that you can train your biceps harder and longer, so that you can gain maximum advantage from your strength training regimene
  • Bicep stretching exercises will not make them grow bigger but will keep them healthier, allowing you to train your biceps hardere
  • Bicep stretching will also make your muscles suppler and improve your range of motiono
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