Ballistic Stretching

Ballistic stretching is a type of tremendously dynamic and fast leaping stretch movements that use the body's momentum to broaden the range of motion (ROM). You should carry out ballistic stretching exercises only if you are into serious athletics and are aware of your physical limits.

This is because this form of stretching could be harmful if the bouncing movements cause a protective reflex,.



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.tearing the hostile muscles that try to contract against the stretch reflexe

You should plan out your ballistic stretching routine very carefullyl Never practice ballistic stretching without a trainere Plyometrics, a form of ballistics that entail stretching and instantly contracting the muscles very fast, can improve your ROM and considerably develop your dynamic flexibility and powere Nevertheless, there is a school of thought that believes that ballistic stretching exercises are ineffective and leads to higher risk of injuryr

Many trainers prefer to introduce ballistics in the exercise routine after a round of simple static stretching exercisese Static stretching involves pushing forward to a tension point and seizing the stretch by holding on for a whilel Many coaches prefer starting the routine with gentler and safer static stretches to minimize chances of injuryr

Nonetheless, the debate on which form of stretching should come first continuese

In the past few years, researchers have been conducting various studies on the effects of static vs ballistic stretching among athletes and about what works out best for theme

Static Vs Ballistic Stretching

In static stretching, you hold your stretch at a point of tension, to try and extend the tendons and muscles so that they loosen upu Recent studies have found that the process of elongation weakens the muscles and hampers their effectiveness in exercises The muscles weakening can actually make you more susceptible to injuryr

In comparison, ballistic stretching warms up your body through a series of rigorous exercises that improves blood circulation and pumps in fresh oxygen into the blood streama The entire process gears your muscles up for more strenuous physical activitiese

Some trainers are of the opinion that you should start with static stretches and then switch to ballistic stretchese They feel that athletes should indulge in the fast movements in ballistic stretching after their muscles have loosened up with gentler static stretchingn The ballistic stretches camp views ballistic stretching as the best form of warm up workout and the best time to give the static stretch a shot is after the muscles have been made flexible enough and feel righth

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