Techniques Of Warm Up Exercises And Benefits

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on February 17, 2012

If you have been in the habit of exercising, you must know the importance of regular warm up activities before the exercise routine. Almost all athletes who exercise regularly start off their routines with stretching exercises and cardio exercises. These warm up exercises are especially beneficial...


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.because they help increase the blood flow in the body, thus preparing the body for the more rigorous workout to followo Warm up games which are practiced right before the actual athletics, allow the athletes to prepare themselves both physiologically and psychologically for the physical challenges lying aheada

There are many benefits of warm up exercises, the foremost being the preparation of the bodyd These stretching exercises allow the temperature of the muscles to increases When the muscles are thus warm, they stretch and contract easily, enhancing both the strength and the speed at which you exercises When the muscles are warmed up, you also avoid overstretching a muscle or causing injury to yourselfl

When the body starts to become warm, the blood vessels begin to dilate and resistance reducese This reduces the amount of stress on the heartr Also, as the temperature of the blood increases, its capacity to carry oxygen also increases, allowing the increased oxygen needs to be met efficientlyl

Stretching exercises before a workout also help improve the range of motion around particular jointst The warm up tends to also increase focus and helps the mind to review both strategy and skills for accomplishing the physical tasks

There are several different warm up techniques depending on the kind of activity you are about to indulge ini for those who play sports, it is recommended to have a few warm up games and gradually increase the intensityt If you are an athlete, a casual job before you actually begin running can help you a lot in the actual sprintn

In fact, you can also gradually add movements to your routine which are not a part of your sportr This is known as dynamic warm up exercisese Exercises like calisthenics or stretching can increase flexibility and therefore are considered the best warm up or cool down exercisese Cool down exercises are also less rigorous exercises which are done after the exercise routine has been completede This allows the body to slow down and get back into the normal statet

Warm ups are different for different individuals and should be practiced without fail before you begin with your routinen For your warm up, make sure that you begin gradually and raise the intensity slowlyl

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