Advice on worm in body

(May 16, 2008)

I was suffering from jaundice and typhoid due to excessive tablets there exists a warm inside my stomach and lot of gas inside is there. which is not exposing out from my body due to which i feel i need rest ?

Advice on worm in body 

Improper functioning of the stomach may lead to indigestion and hence gas formation in the stomach. This can lead to heart burns, heaviness and discomfort in the stomach, unpleasant taste and nausea.

Gas formation can occur due to excessive medications, stress, faulty diet, having heavy foods, not chewing properly, drinking tea and caffeine in empty stomach.

Drink plenty of water. Avoid smoking and alcohol. Have light foods with ample amounts of fruits and vegetables. Avoid heavy foods and have frequent small servings of food. Regular do exercise and avoid doing exercise in heavy stomach.

Drink warm lemon water at least 3 to 4 times a day. Rub Soya and garlic oil on the stomach. This can provide instant relief from indigestion.

Certain yogic exercises can bring relief from gas trouble.Uttan Pada asana is useful for this condition. Lie straight on the floor with the heels together. Inhale and breathe as much air as possible. Lift the heels slowly on inhaling up to 10 inches from the ground. Remain in this position for few seconds. Exhale and bring the heels back to the ground and lie for few seconds.

Sarvangasana or inverted asana is the exercise of the whole body. Lie straight on the back. Lift the heels upwards and lower the body so that the weight of the body is taken by the head, neck and upper back. Concentrate on the tip of the toes. Do not move the head during this position.

Submitted by A V on May 16, 2008 at 07:19

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