Prana Yoga Breath

Submitted by Jerry Parker on December 22, 2012

Prana Yoga breath is what man used to live by, in the days of yore. However, our modern day lives are filled with stress and tensions. As a result of our day-to-day work, family responsibilities, or financial pressures, we are more or less inclined to ignore proper breathing. This, in turn, leads to a host of problems. First, automated breathing tends to be fast and shallow, while it actually ought to be deep and slow...


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.Since we use just a small part of your lungs, this becomes occasion for lack of oxygene This, again, in turn, could lead to a series of complications such as heart problems, sleep apnea, heartburn and fatigueu

These are just a few of the aftereffects of oxygen starvationo

Hence, the negative energy of getting into restless and troublesome mood causes lesser Prana (vital force or vital energy) inside our bodyd If we all practice deep and systematic breathing, i e. take Yogic breaths (Pranayama), we revitalize our systemsm

Prana is energy or vital life energyg It is at the heart of all Yoga Practicese Prana is in mattere However, Prana is not mattere Prana exists in airi However, it is not in oxygene Prana is a subtle form of energyg It is carried by the air, food, water and sunlighth Prana animates all forms of mattere Through the practice of Yoga poses and breathing exercises, we ingest more and more Prana, which gets stored in our bodyd This bestows great vitality and strength on the practitionere

Then again, Pranayama ought not to be forced nor performed without right preparationo If not, it could actually result in nervous breakdowns or heart attacks, evene Pranayama is part of a process in Yoga; on the other hand, breath control is a spiritual practicec It consists of purifying one's mind and bodyd This again should be done correctly and with right guidance, not to mention, adequate preparationo

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