The Relation Between Yoga and Fitness

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on December 21, 2012

Yoga fitness is the result of constant practice of Yoga in all its forms. These are physical and mental and include Yoga poses, breathing exercises and meditation. Yoga is the oldest form of physical and mental development that includes the body, mind, and spirit. The source of Yoga reverts to some 5000 years. This precious art is the brainchild of ancient Indian sages. It was adapted and customized down the ages and tailored,...


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.to the needs of individual civilizations and generationsn Further, it took numerous years to mushroom over the planete

Today, the value of Yoga is being more and more recognized for great health, and its deterrent and therapeutic benefitst

Yoga consists of physical that keep you steady and comfortable, both physically and mentally, for long time devoid of straini They even help your muscles relaxa This happens by enhanced that subsequently alleviate pent-up stress and tensiono Breathing exercises (pranayama), has to do with controlling and directing vital energy (prana) through balanced breathingn Balanced breathing boosts up levels of prana in your bodyd This automatically results in good healtht

Even though Yoga has many different types and classifications Hatha Yoga is a unique mixture of Yoga poses, breathing exercises and Meditationo It endows the practitioner with a balanced and wholesome body and mind, besides serenity and happinesss Yoga is a strong and potent art form with extraordinary therapeutic powersr The practitioner can exploit them for self-improvementn However it is imperative to do Yoga practice whole-heartedly with full concentration and focusu The best time is in the mornings or evenings,

Benefits of Yoga fitness

  • A fitter, leaner body
  • Improved posture
  • More body awareness
  • Better concentration
  • Greater flexibility with better range of motion
  • Better health, energy and vitality on the whole
  • Natural weight loss
  • Lower levels of stress and tension
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