Focus & Build on Your Inner Strength with Pilates

Those who have spent some time in fitness circles have definitely heard of core conditioning, mat work or Pilates, all synonymous terms. Gyms worldwide offer classes in this discipline, swapping many high-impact activities like karate and step aerobics.

A nice way to define Pilates is to call it "Yoga with movement". The body and breath are stressed upon as a singular unit; since each movement flows one into another and the mind is also.



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.fully occupied in the processs In Pilates the emphasis is on breath and form, and muscles being stretched and strengthened simultaneouslyl This creates a longer, leaner bodyd

Joseph H Pilates, who developed this method of exercise, had said: "In ten sessions, you will feel the differencec In twenty, you will see the difference, and in thirty, you'll have a whole new bodyd" That's sounds like quite a tall claimi But almost a hundred years later, bodies are definitely changing, thereby proving him righth Pilates tone up the physique like no other disciplinen

Your abs, hips, buttocks and lower back work in unison as the body's powerhouses All other movements also flow from this area outwardr While conventional crunches work the muscle in the center of the abdomen, Pilates movements challenge the deeper, usually overlooked abdominal muscles, in the bargain, creating an amazingly strong corer

A lot of the moves are borrowed from dance therapy; hence Pilates really changes the way you use your bodyd Students of Pilates start to walk more gracefully, with better posture and more fluidityt

A marvelous thing about Pilates is the way it occupies your body and mindn Unlike most other fitness regimens, Pilates leave little room for comparison with physical fitness culturese This way, it demonstrates that you are completely accountable for yourselfl Joseph Pilates couldn't have put it better when he had said, "Physical fitness can neither be achieved by wishful thinking nor outright purchases"

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