Yoga Asana For Belly Fat

(August 11, 2011)

I am 22 years old well figured girl but recently there is fat deposition in waist area as well as in can i get a tight belly and to reduce the flab?

Yoga To Reduce Waist & Belly Fat

The practice of yoga postures are very effective in getting rid of fat around the waist and belly. One of good yoga poses to get rid of waist fat is Urdhva Mukha Svanasana (Upward Facing Dog). This pose helps in stretching the muscles of the midsection and is also a very good back bend, enabling good flexibility of the back. To perform this posture, you should lie on your stomach and keep your hands under your shoulders. Let yourself be pushed into the ground with your elbows kept against your sides till your entire upper body is raised up. Remain in this pose for around 2 to 4 breathes and feel your stomach lengthen and stretch.

Some of the yoga postures you could practice for stomach fat are Simhasana (Lion Pose), Ushtrasana (Camel Pose), Garudasana (Eagle Pose), and Pawanmuktasana (Wind Relieving Pose). However, make sure that you perform a warm up before attempting the postures, especially the more challenging ones to avoid risking injury.

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How to get rid of belly fat?

The best way to get rid of belly fat is considered to be with exercise. There are various exercise routines you can select to lose fat in the belly. Strength training is a very effective way to get rid of belly fat. In strength training, you will need to make use of weights. Weight training will help increase muscle mass, and more calories are burned when you have more muscle. Most gyms have exercise machines where the weight you need to lift can be adjusted. Make sure to work under a good instructor who can help you with the strength training exercises. Aerobic exercise is an enjoyable form of exercise that can be effective in burning fat. Tennis, swimming, dancing, and running are some of the aerobic exercises that can help you lose fat.

It is also essential that you follow a proper diet or your exercises will be in vain. Maintaining a low fat diet can be effective. You should maintain a proper balance of fiber, carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins. It is also important that you avoid canned food and sweetened drinks. Also make sure to get enough fresh juice and water to prevent dehydration. Stress can also contribute to an increased fat storage, so you should take measures to eliminate stress from your life.

Submitted by V A on July 7, 2011 at 05:34

Can yoga help me lose belly fat?

Yoga is an excellent technique that can help burn fat in the belly. There are many postures that target specifically the area of the belly and increase muscle, and burn fat. Bidalasana (Cat Pose) is a good posture for burning belly fat. This stretching pose helps in toning and tightening the muscles of the abdomen. To perform this exercise, you should come down on your hands and knees and keep them a foot’s distance apart.  Keep your back perfectly flat, while you are looking upwards. Then let your back arch upwards so that there is a resemblance to a dome. Then, let your back arch slowly downwards and bring your face upwards. Remain in this position for around two seconds and repeat the pose 5 to 10 times. Certain yoga postures also help in increasing the basal metabolic rate that enables the digestive system to function more efficiently.

Yoga breathing exercises or Pranayama is also considered to be effective in burning belly fat. The various yoga breathing exercises help in expanding and contracting the stomach muscles and also in increasing their flexibility. Yoga breathing exercises also help in burning more calories as there is the availability of more oxygen to allow them to burn.

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Has Anyone Had Any Luck To Reduce Stomach Using Yoga Exercises?

Yoga is considered to be a very effective technique to burn belly fat, and there are many people who have successfully used yoga to reduce the stomach. Midriff fat or stomach fat can be quite difficult to get rid of, but there are some yoga postures that target this area and help burn the fat. Some of the effective yoga postures for reducing the stomach are Dhanurasana (Bow Posture), Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose), and Salabhasana (Locust Pose). To perform the Locust Pose, you should lie down on your stomach with your legs and arms extended as much as possible. Then, simultaneously raise your legs, head, chest and arms and bring them down. Your arms can extend in front of you or you could move them to your buttocks. The abs will be engaged with this posture, and the ab muscles will be fully made use of to burn the fat in the area of the belly. 

It is important that you are careful when practicing the yoga postures, especially if you are a beginner. If you perform the poses incorrectly, you could risk injury. It is also important that you follow a proper diet along with the yoga exercises to bring about effective results.

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Which Is Better To Loose Belly Fat Faster Pilates Or Yoga?

Both Pilates as well as yoga are considered to be effective in burning belly fat. However, one of the advantages of practicing Pilates is that you will see results more quickly. Pilates is a more intense workout and mainly focuses on the physical body, while yoga focuses on uniting the spirit, mind and body. Both these forms of exercise require a certain amount of balance, breathing techniques, and bodily movements.

Although Pilates is said to give quicker results to reducing belly fat, you can also benefit from yoga as you will not have to spend money on the equipment that you will need with Pilates. Although the yoga poses may not seem very intense, you may be surprised at the workout you can get with the postures, especially if you are a beginner. An effective yoga posture for burning belly fat is Sethu Bhandasana (Bridge Pose). This posture is very good to strengthen the ab muscles and burn belly fat. If you are interested in practicing either yoga or Pilates, it will help if you research and find out the differences between them. Some individuals prefer Pilates while others prefer yoga. However, both are effective in burning belly fat, and you could study both of them to see which one will suit you the best.

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Yoga For Waist Reduction

Yoga is a very effective technique to lose belly fat. If you practice the right postures, you will see significant results. Yoga mainly consists of asanas or postures and breathing exercises or Pranayama. The yoga breathing exercises consist of Kapalbhati and Pranayama. The different breathing exercises help in expanding and contracting the body’s abdominal muscles, whenever the air is sucked in or blown out. These exercises help in strengthening the muscles of the stomach and making them flexible.

Some of the effective yoga postures for getting rid of belly fat are Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose), Dhanurasana (Bow Pose), and the Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation). The Cobra Pose helps in toning and stretching the area of the abdomen and opening the region of the chest. The best way to bring about results is to practice these yoga poses on a regular basis. Trikonasana (Triangle Pose) is a good pose to get rid of the deposition of fat in the waist area. For best results, you should combine the yoga postures with breathing exercises. The yoga postures will also help in improving the digestive function and increase the basal metabolic rate. It is also essential that you follow a proper diet along with the yoga exercises.

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Have tried to find out what is causing you to gain weight around your waist? Is the flab around your waistline due to unhealthy eating habits or is it due to poor posture or overeating due to stress? You need to find out what is causing you to gain weight and then take care of the problem accordingly.

If your weight gain is due to unhealthy eating habits then you need to start eating healthy fresh foods that will help to get rid of excess fats from your body. Avoid oily fatty foods, fried refined processed junk foods, and excess of salt and packaged foods. Drink plenty of water throughout the day as this will help you to keep your system clean and healthy and that in turn will keep it functioning well. If your waist flab is due to poor posture then you need to start maintaining a good posture at all times. Keep your spine erect while you sit, stand or walk. This will help to prevent your abdomen from bulging out and will also help to keep your waist in good shape.

Besides this you can start your yoga practice by joining a regular class, as it will help you to learn everything right from the basics under the guidance of a qualified yoga instructor who will take care to see that you do the yoga asanas or postures correctly. You may start your yoga practice with Dhyana or meditation and then move on to the pranayama or the breathing exercises and then to the asanas or postures. Practice Kapalbhati or the breath of fire daily as it will help to get rid of the excess fat and will also clear out the blockages in your system. Besides this you can practice the yoga asanas or postures such as Vajra asana or the diamond or the thunderbolt pose, Surya Namaskar or the sun salutation, Pavan muktasana or the wind relieving pose, Bhujanga asana or the cobra pose, Salabhasana or the locust pose, Trikona asana or the triangle pose, Hasta padasana or the forward bend pose also known as the hands and feet pose, Chakra asana or the wheel pose, Sarvangasana or the shoulder stand, Dhanurasana or the bow pose, Viparita Karani or the upside down pose. For relaxing your body and to alleviate stress you can practice the Shavasana or the corpse pose as it fully relaxes your body from head to toes.

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