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Obesity is a condition that can severely affect an individual’s quality of life. The problem with the condition is the fact that it causes a number of other, very serious conditions to develop simultaneously and without the host’s knowledge until it is far too late to effectively control the conditions. Some of the more serious medical conditions that are a direct result of obesity include heart failure, high cholesterol and a number of respiratory illnesses. Because of the fact that being overweight or obese is becoming a very serious health concern all over the world, a number of countries have labeled the condition as being a pandemic. People are attempting to fight the evils of the condition in a number of ways including exercise, dieting and even through the practice of yoga. While some may snicker at the thought of belly reduction with yoga, the practice is actually helping a number of people all over the world deal with the affliction of obesity. There are a number of yoga postures or positions that are focused on reducing the fat around the belly area, so it should be no surprise that belly reduction with yoga is actually quite effective. It is important to remember that these techniques do take a bit of time and are not likely to show results in the short term. However, understanding and properly practicing the techniques will help you gain a new dimension of control over your personal weight in the long run.
The surya namaskar or sun salutation is one of the most well known tummy reduction yoga techniques and is considered to be the most basic of obesity management techniques. The discipline comprises of a set of 12 different postures that are practiced in a sequence and are primarily focused on improving the oxygen supply within the body. As a result of the increase in the oxygen supply, the internal muscles and their individual toning is significantly strengthened. Another very effective abdomen reduction yoga discipline is the Kapalbhat, in which the tummy muscles are toned by the increase in respiration – thereby causing a simultaneous burning of fat and toxins that may have accumulated into the body to be dissolved. Most yoga principles are based around the practice of the individual maintaining a definite pose or posture in either a seated or standing position as it brings about the working of the muscles, tissues and various other parts of the body – thereby increasing not only the circulation, but also the reduction of accumulated fat by means of burning that is supported by increased respiration rate.  Practitioners who maintain a consistent and disciplined routine are most likely to be successful at belly reduction through yoga.

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Yoga Poses Belly Reduction 

There are a number of specific yoga positions that are targeted at exercising the abdominal muscles. To begin with, you must always start with those positions or exercises that you are comfortable with and easy to follow, and gradually advance to those specific asanas with additional twists and movements. As with any other form of exercise or fitness routine, always be sure to take the guidance of a professional or a yoga instructor before embarking on a yoga session.  Also remember to warm up properly before beginning on an exercise schedule, to prevent any form of injury.

One important position known as the Pavan-Muktasan helps to get rid of the fat around the stomach in addition to releasing abdominal gas thus helping to cut down excess weight. With the help of this position knees and heads become even more flexible and pliable while abdominal muscles begin to develop. The Surya Namaskar must also be part of your daily exercise schedule. This particular exercise is the useful agent in helping to get rid of stomach fat and also toning body muscles. Surya Namaskar is a perfect combination of yoga asana and effective breathing.  It enhances the breathing capacity of the individual while making the spine and limbs more flexible.  The twelve spinal positions involved in this particular exercise helps to stretch the different types of recommends in the body, with the additional help of deep breathing.

Bhujangasan must also be practiced daily in addition to the above two exercises. It helps in relieving back pain and straightening the posture. The Dhanurasan on the other hand is also effective in reducing abdominal fat.  These and other forms of push-ups, stomach lifts and pull ups will also help you to get rid of belly fat in a short period of time.
However, do not expect drastic results by performing yoga only on alternative days or performing them half-heartedly as a chore. You will need to maintain a strict schedule and then observe the results gradually.

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