Yoga Exercises for Stomach

(November 9, 2010)

How do I reduce my tummy fat quickly? I have undergone C-Section operation 7 months back. Is it safe for me to do yoga?

Practicing yoga is one of the most effective methods to develop a healthy mind and body. There are many yoga exercises for the stomach that you can practice to get rid of fat and prevent stomach ailments. Some of the yoga exercises for the stomach are Pavanmuktasana (Wind Relieving Pose), Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose), and Dhanurasana (Bow Pose).
To perform the Bhujangasana, you should be in the lying position with your belly on the ground and head resting on your lower arms. Then, you should bring your forehead up so that you are looking upwards and place your palms on the floor next to your shoulders. The weight of your body should be resting on your hands and chest. Lift yourself up slowly, keeping the weight on your arms. Come up slowly, and as you do, straighten your arms such that they are now perpendicular to the ground. Try and go as far back as possible. Your weight should be on your hands and your pelvis. Stay in this position for as long as you can, and then go back down to position one. It is important to remember not to strain yourself when you go back.
Salabhasana (Locust Pose) and Setu Bandhasana (Bridge Pose) are very effective yoga exercises for toning the stomach. To perform the Setu Bandhasana, you should position yourself on your back while bending your knees and keeping your feet together. Your arms should be kept to your side with your palms on the floor. You should then raise your hips while keeping your palms and feet lying flat on the ground. Once you are in this position let your arms come over your head. Regularly performing Trikonasana (Triangle Pose), Purna Titali Asana (Butterfly Pose), and Bidalasana (Cat Pose) will make for an excellent yoga ab workout. Upavistha Konasana (Wide-Angle Seated Forward Bend) is another effective ab strengthening yoga pose that you can practice.
As the main focus of Pilates exercises is to strengthen the core muscles, it can be very effective for toning of the stomach. Pilates also help in improving posture and flexibility. Some of the effective Pilates exercises for the stomach are the roll up, single straight-legged stretch, double straight-legged stretch, and one leg circles. It is essential that you practice the Pilates and yoga exercises for the stomach on a daily basis to benefit from them. You should combine them with a well-balanced diet that has sufficient protein and healthy fats. You should also eat enough vegetables as they are a good source of fiber.

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If you are seeking new ways to get rid of stomach fat after your caesarean operation then you may want to try out yoga as part of your physical exercise regime. Apart from reducing tummy fat, yoga is an amazing path to follow in order to cut down daily stress and exert the body in a positive manner to become able-bodied and healthy. There are various yoga postures and poses that exert the muscles of the stomach. Such yoga postures are known as asanas before you start trying them out, you will need to evaluate your own ability and level of comfort before attempting these asanas. Yoga is a definite type of discipline that involves improving the inhaling and exhaling techniques and working out the internal and external muscles and organs in the body while getting free of flab around the stomach. However, it is of great significance that you learn the techniques of yoga from a qualified yoga teacher as any of the asanas or breathing techniques is done in an incorrect manner can be highly dangerous.

Some yogasanas for reducing stomach fat are Pavanmuktasan also known as the release or regulation of stomach gases, the dhanurasan or the bow posture, and the Bhujangasana. These yogasanas are of great benefit for postmenopausal women to be relieved from the abdominal fat and in the process cut down their risk of exposure to acute and long lasting disorders.

It is a good practice to attempt in performing the Surya Namaskar either early in the morning or late towards the end of the evening. According to research the sunrays at these particular time periods radiate a potent remedial factor in the treatment of illnesses. Surya Namaskar is a perfect blend of yogasanas and proper breathing. It is famed for reducing stomach fat, provides pliability to the spinal column, and the limbs and enhances the breathing capability. In our body, there are twelve spinal positioning. With the practice of Surya Namaskar, each of these spinal positions elongates several connective tissues and gives various motions to the column. As the spinal column becomes more flexible it bends forward and backward alternatively while the deep breathing enhances its capability.

Another important point to remember is that diet and a good work out go hand in hand and it would an ideal schedule would be combining the two effectively to get the desired results. The most crucial thing you would need to embark on is to plan your diet and exercise schedule meticulously. Make a mental preparation of the things you plan to do and the amount of inches you wish to lose. This will help you to gain control of physical temptations such as skipping exercise or bingeing on unhealthy foods. Try not to use a scale to keep a tab on your progress.

You need proper exercise to heal the abdominal muscles and tissues after a C section because your abdominal muscles and tissues had been cut through. However, you also need to take care of the stitches and increase the intensity of exercises gradually.
When you start, initially focus more on breathing deeply. To protect your stitches, apply gentle pressure with your hands or pillow on the stitches while breathing. Slowly you can include what you did previously and add a few more exercises such as pelvic tilts, hip hikes, and leg slides, within tolerable limits. Now when you get into this routine and feel better, you can increase your breathing exercises and other exercises gradually. Observe for abdominal and back pain and don’t strain if it persists.
As you progress in your recovery after a C-section, add some more exercises and abdominal postures. But remain within tolerable limits and don’t push yourself too much. Normal tissue healing takes around 5 to 6 weeks. So it is not advisable to perform any stretching and strengthening exercises before that.
You can also do Phalankasana to regain your strength post a C-section. This yoga exercise helps to build deep and enduring abdominal strength. But if you experience any pain, stop the exercises. It will take a while to restore the stomach muscles back to normal so don’t push yourself too hard.
It is advisable to check with your doctor before you begin any yoga after C-section, to know if you have sufficiently healed. Exercise is an important part of recovery post pregnancy and also an effective way to lose the extra weight gained during pregnancy.

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