four months back i went through C-Section is it safe for me to pratice power yoga now

(May 24, 2012)

Power Yoga After Childbirth

Childbirth, especially a cesarean, is bound to have an effect on a woman’s body. You have probably been asked to avoid any strenuous exercise, at least until your scar heals completely. Therefore, you may not be able to follow your regular exercise routine for a few months after the c-section. In fact, the amount of time required to recover completely differs from one woman to the other. Most women may be ready to practice different styles of yoga within four months, but many take much longer. Therefore, before practicing any exercises after c-section, including any discipline of yoga, it is absolutely essential for you to go through a detailed physical checkup and get a go-ahead from your doctor.

It is also a well-known fact that certain yoga styles like Power Yoga help exercise 100% of the body, thereby allowing you to lose a considerable amount of weight. However, this is a very strenuous form of exercise and you should only consider it in case you have practiced this discipline before. This is because you need to know exactly how your body will respond to power yoga. In fact, this applies not just to power yoga, but to the practice of any form of yoga after c-section.

Some of the other helpful weight loss exercises after c-section include swimming, power-walking, jogging and Pilates

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Yoga Tips After C-Section

After a c-section it is essential that the woman gives her body time to heal. A c-section involves surgery and hence precautions need to be taken before starting off on any kind of exercises. Recovery from c-section usually takes time. It is essential that medical advice is taken before the woman does any kind of yoga exercise. Some of the main yoga tips after a c-section include starting off with the simpler routines. Performing the Lotus pose or the Padmasana is considered safe to do, after suitable time has passed since the c-section surgery. The Vajrasana or the Diamond pose can also be done. It is advisable to never strain one’s body but instead to do the yoga poses in a relaxed manner. Always remember to inhale and exhale deeply. Gentle yoga poses are also beneficial in helping a woman to regain her pre pregnancy weight. Yoga helps in relaxing the person’s body and mind and also helps to reduce stress. One can try the supported bridge pose. Always practice with a proper trainer and keep them informed of your condition. Besides practicing yoga one should also eat a well balanced meal and get adequate amount of rest and sleep. This is essential to help a woman recover quickly post a c-section.

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