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Denise Austin was born on February 13, 1957. She is a well-known US fitness, exercise and Yoga expert. She is also a successful author, columnist and instructor, as well as a member of the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports.

Austin began to learn gymnastics when she was 12 years old. This led to an athletic scholarship to the University of Arizona, where she graduated with a degree in exercise physiology.


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She has and has since been conducting coaching classes, producing TV & Radio shows, making videos, and writing books and columns on Power Yoga, exercise and remaining fit.

You can see Denise on weekday mornings on Lifetime TV with programs Fit and Lite and Daily Workout. She spends 4 months a year filming them. She has also conducted an exercise program on ESPN as well as Power Yoga shows on other TV channels.

Denise is reputed for her stress on “stay fit naturally”. This way she insists that she herself exercises regularly, if only for around half an hour a day. However, Denise never skips a meal. Denise Austin also likes to the use of sugar and butter rather than artificial sweeteners and margarine.

However, she does lay stress on portion control, nutrient/food balance, and exercise.

Denise Austin’s Power Yoga programs often integrate a variety of different disciplines. These include Power Yoga, Pilates, cross training, and aerobic exercise. She has made a stir in politics through of her zealous support for President Bush and his programs. Besides being named by Bush to the President's Council on Physical Fitness Denise was notably photographed as she leaned over a crowd control rope and hugged Bush in 2001. Denise Austin was a guest on the Don Imus radio and television program. Here she proved herself adept at chitchat and naught innuendo to advance her line of merchandise.

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