Power Yoga For Couples

Power Yoga is one of the more dynamic, energetic and vigorous forms of Yoga. It is a forceful, vibrant and physically demanding, flowing type of Yoga. Here students follow a fixed sequence of poses.

They are supposed to be practised in a particular order. The practice of Power Yoga is aimed at building body heat to enable it to open up the pores and to let go of toxins. Power Yoga for couples is for anyone who is interested in learning Yoga with his / her partner.


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Introduction To Yoga

Partner is defined as someone you are close to. It could be a friend, roommate, spouse, life partner, sibling, parent, child, so on and so forth. This exclusive form of Yoga is practised where the individual and his / her partner work together to do all the poses. Power Yoga for couples completely integrates both partners into every pose. Sometimes they even end up doing the same pose together. At other times they practice complimentary poses that may intertwine.

Power Yoga for couples inculcates interdependency and trust, with laughter and joy. Together with the poses, you get to explore certain breathing techniques and participate in discussions on the application of Yoga principles in all of life’s relationships. Such workshops are fun, challenging, and very highly rewarding.

What is covered in the workshop? In Power Yoga for couples’ workshops, you will get to explore different aspects of what is also called Partner Yoga. Here’s what’s it comprises:

  • Breathing techniques that facilitate peace and quiet together
  • Yoga poses which inculcate trust and mutual support
  • Silent communication skills as both partners work together to reach a level of balance
  • For those who are new to yoga, get a foundation in the poses with a trusted companion
  • For those who currently practice Yoga, challenge the existing Yoga practice by exploring already practised poses in a whole new way
  • Surprise yourself as both of you accomplish challenging poses together
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