What is Ashtanga Power Yoga?

Ashtanga Yoga is derived from the Vinyasa school of Yoga. This form of Yoga comprises of a sequence of flowing movements and is more energetic than other Yoga workouts.

In order to popularize it in the West, it was rechristened Ashtanga Power Yoga.

Unlike more traditional forms of Yoga, Ashtanga Power Yoga lays more of an emphasis on movement as opposed to meditation.


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The postures are more difficult than those practiced in other styles of Yoga and movement between various postures is quick and flowing. While performing the various postures, the practitioners also practice breath control.

New students are guided through a series of basic poses. Once this sequence of basic poses have been understood and mastered by the student, the teacher introduces him or her to slightly more advanced and difficult poses. In this manner, Ashtanga Power Yoga follows a graded approach with varying levels of difficulty.

Ashtanga Power Yoga poses include a combination of standing, sitting, inversions, backbends, twisting and balancing. The students are also taught how to control their breath and focus their mind.

Who can benefit from Ashtanga Power Yoga?

Ashtanga Power Yoga is likely to appeal to those who are relatively fit and want to burn a certain number of calories during their Yoga routine.

It is also ideal for those who want to keep meditation and chanting to a minimum and concentrate more on the physical aspects of Yoga. Ashtanga Power Yoga helps to develop strength, flexibility and stamina and therefore it is ideal for athletes.

Ashtanga Power Yoga is physically demanding and should be avoided by those who are new to exercise, ill, or pregnant. Due to its fast paced movements and difficult postures it is also not recommended for the elderly unless they are extremely fit and have already practiced some form of Yoga before.

What are the benefits of Ashtanga Power Yoga?

Ashtanga Power Yoga is a physically and mentally challenging form of exercise that enables you to connect to your inner power. The exercises are designed to build strength and flexibility, increase stamina, improve the ability to focus, tone your body, release tensions, and detoxify your body. Ashtanga Power Yoga is also an excellent form of exercise for athletes and other sports persons and can significantly improve your physical condition and mental concentration. It is also a great way of experiencing the holistic benefits of Yoga while burning calories at the same time.

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