Power Yoga Benefits

There are tremendous health benefits to power yoga. This practice tones up the muscles and organs of the body. At the same time power yoga helps build strength, stamina and slender muscle mass.

In short, power yoga can is a practice designed to restructure the body and mind. Power yoga raises internal body heat, thus encouraging killing of germs, viruses and bacteria in the body. It also produces a sharp state of awareness of the workings of one’s body.


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Emphasis is on the harmonizing the breath with movement, linking body, mind, and spirit and the deepest levels. Power yoga raises acts upon the different joints, particularly those which are seldom on the ‘radar screen’ leave alone really exercised. By improving lubrication of the joints, ligaments and tendons, power yoga poses also succeed in exercising the various tendons and ligaments of one’s body.

Not surprisingly studies have shown that the body – which is otherwise rather rigid – begins to experience an incredible flexibility. This, even in the parts that weren’t consciously worked on. It is here that the extraordinary research work behind power yoga proves its mettle. Apparently unconnected “non strenuous” power yoga poses act on different parts of the body in an interconnected way.

When this happens jointly, they operate harmoniously to develop a situation in which flexibility is attained relatively easily.

Rubbing down all the body organs, probably only power yoga manages. Meaning to say, all the internal glands and organs of the body thoroughly. This includes the ones like the prostate – which seldom ever get massaged in one’s whole life. Power yoga works wholesomely upon the different body parts. This organic stimulus and massage in turn helps us by warding off disease and giving a premonition at the first possible sign of a probable arrival of disease or disorder.

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