Pilates And Power Yoga

Pilates is a dedicated form of physical fitness training. It uses special equipment besides workouts done in a fixed sequence on a mat. This technique is designed to challenge the practitioner to build up core and trunk strength plus total muscle tone.

Supplementary benefits take account of better posture, coordination, stamina, strength and stability. At heart, what we’re trying to say is that Pilates, essentially, helps the practitioner develop a better body.


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Most Pilates studios specialize in private and semi-private training. This integrates the use of all the Pilates equipment, plus mat work. The staff at these studios, fortunately, is dedicated to providing the classical style of Pilates to design an individualized program. This certainly meets each participant's fitness goals. These Pilates studios may also be Affialiate Training Centers for the popular New-York based Power Pilates. This is an internationally recognized Certification Program. It turns instructors into, what they call, "trainers of trainers."

Power Yoga

Power Yoga is an energetic, dynamic and challenging style of Yoga. It blends a lot of age-old forms of Yoga like Hatha and Pranayama.

By blending the best of ancient and modern Yogic wisdom with modern day science and study of human movement, Power Yoga becomes the deal component in Yoga practitioners' overall wellness plans. Several class levels are offered, by institutes, to find ways to help different skill levels as well as provide a natural progression to advancing one’s Yoga practice.

Power Yoga is most often done in a raised, yet safe room temperature of 85-90 degrees. This allows for better joint movement, enhanced circulation, more oxygen uptake by the body, and slowly improves metabolism.  Becoming accustomed to a different climate, environment and to challenging movement in elevated room temperatures might be gradual. Then again, it is considered by the design of the progressive levels of classes.

Power Yoga is designed for stress reduction and mental re-focus rather than providing a high powered workout. This type of Yoga is ideal for people undergoing stressful times, experiencing major life changes or facing chronic illness.

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