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Power Yoga is a universal term used in the West to describe a dynamic and energetic, fitness-based approach to Yoga. Power Yoga is very much designed on the style of Ashtanga Yoga practice. The words Power Yoga became commonplace around the mid 1990s.

This was when a number of Yoga teachers were looking to make Ashtanga Yoga more easily available to the Western world. Unlike Ashtanga Yoga, Power Yoga doesn’t follow set series of Yoga asanas or breathing exercises.


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For this reason, almost all Power Yoga class can – and do – vary a lot, one from the other. Whatever else they may possess in common, there is certainly a lot of stress on strength and flexibility. The arrival of Power Yoga announced Yoga’s present and recent popularity. Thenceforth, people started seeing Yoga as a wonderful workout regimen. Power Yoga took Yoga into the studios and gymnasiums of the US.

The 2 Yoga teachers most often credited with the almost simultaneous invention of Power Yoga are Americans Beryl Bender Birch, and Bryan Kest. While Beryl is based in New York, Bryan is based in Los Angeles. Almost by design, perhaps, both of them had studied under Ashtanga master Sri K.

Pattabhi Jois. Later they established a number of Power Yoga schools all over the US.

Nowadays it is possible to learn Power Yoga from a number of Yoga centers, studios and gyms across America. You can also learn it from books, videos, CDs, and DVDS. The latest fad, though, is learning Power Yoga online. There are a number of sites offering Power Yoga instructions. Then again, it is not easy to vouch for the authenticity of the teachings. However, it you were to browse carefully, - like you surf the net carefully for anything you want – we are sure you are likely to, if not bound to locate a site that imparts (maybe for a login fee) instructions in Power Yoga.

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