Fusion Power Yoga & Pilates

Fusion Power Yoga and Pilates is the first and the most authentic of its kind in the world. This is an urban retreat for transformative wellness. Here a healthy lifestyle turns into a pleasurable and easily achievable task.

This novel concept was designed to provide a more balanced and healthier way of living. At the same time to do workouts to suit everyone's lifestyle, budget and time schedule. The retreat's caring staff, high-powered classes with calm,.



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.comforting music, experienced teachers and pampering services, all goes to creating a one of its kind experiencec

Fusion Power Yoga and Pilates was taken from the principles and philosophy ancient Yoga: no fuss and full commitment - create your own workout routine by selecting any drop-ini these include Yoga, Pilates class or Aromatherapy Spa service that suits individual schedulese All the classes are tailored to suit students of all agese They are taught in English as well as in other popular world languages like French, Italian, German and Spanishs Fusion Power Yoga and Pilates style is both physically challenging and enjoyablel It is also meditative and relaxing on the wholel

Fusion Power Yoga and Pilates offers: Yoga classes, Pilates mat and Pilates Reformer and Apparatus classes plus some of its own exclusive Pilates Yoga fusion program: Fusiono There are also some corporate programs, One-on-One Pilates & Yoga personal customized sessionsn

Fusion Power Yoga and Pilates provides Ashtanga Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Vinyasa Flow & Power Yoga stylese It also offers regular workshops with world-renowned Yoga and Pilates teachers, master classes and annual Yoga retreatst All Fusion Power Yoga and Pilates teachers are experienced, properly trained and certifiede Their certifications meet the standards called for by the International Yoga and Pilates regulating bodies Yoga Alliance and Pilates Method Alliancec

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