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(November 9, 2010)

asanas to reduce buttocks and thighs

Pilates and yoga are both highly valued as physiotherapy practices and their effectiveness for weight loss is also well known which is why the combination of pilates and asanas for weight loss has become very popular. Almost everyone is very well aware of the importance of exercising regularly in today’s world. There are several forms of exercise that people try out, in order to stay fit. Pilates refers to a particular style of exercise, which has become immensely popular all across the globe, because it is known to have various health benefits. Pilates is known to help strengthen the core, tone up the body, and help in the development of lean muscles. Pilates can show you how to correct your own posture as well as the alignment of your body in a way that is much better way. When you try out Pilates, you will probably notice that you are using various parts of your body. This is an excellent way of improving blood circulation all over the body. Pilates has also been known to improve the general functioning of all the organs, within the body. Beginners to Pilates usually have to start off slowly, and build their stamina gradually.

Yoga, on the other hand, is an ancient discipline that has become increasingly popular in the west, in the last few years. There are various Yogasanas (Yoga poses), exercises, breathing techniques that are a part of Yoga. This discipline is great not just for weight loss, but for several other reasons, which include better concentration and focus, stress reduction, increase in strength and flexibility, boosting the immunity system, delaying the aging process and so on. Most of us are aware of the effectiveness of yoga asanas for fitness but there are also several Yoga asanas for weight loss, which can be very effective in shedding the pounds. For example, Yoga pranayama for weight loss consists mainly of breathing exercises that can be a great way to lose a lot of weight. However, different asanas for fitness usually help in reducing the fat from different areas. Therefore, it is best to analyze your overall weight loss goals and then, practice various Yoga asanas for weight loss. Combining pilates and asanas for weight loss can enhance the effectiveness of your weight loss routine.

While both the disciplines have had a fair degree of success with weight loss results, it may not be a very good idea to combine them. Therefore, Pilates asanas for weight loss should be strongly discouraged, as such exercises do not really exist. Other fast paced Pilates routines may be more effective in weight loss and therefore, it is best to learn more about the Pilates mat exercises as well as the workout routines that are easily available through online resources.

However, neither Pilates, nor Yoga asanas should ever be practiced without the supervision and the guidance of a well qualified instructor.

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Yoga poses for  losing weight

Weight loss through yoga poses is successfully possible when practiced regularly. Spot weight reduction for example weight reduction at a particular spot like hips or thighs is only possible when you lose your overall fat or weight. Listed here are specific asana which will help you to specifically lose weight at your buttocks and thighs. These include butterfly pose, hero pose I and II, sun salute, angle pose, triangle pose, celibacy pose, dog pose – face up and face down, and advanced wind releasing pose.

Advanced wind releasing pose – lie flat on your back on a yoga mat with your legs straight and hands on the sides. Inhale and lift your right leg bending at the knee towards your chest. Hold it there using your hands. Now raise your head and try to touch the chin on the knee. Maintain pressure on the abdomen by the left thigh and knee. This is called right or dakshina pawanmuktasan. Hold in this position for 15 seconds and then relax. Repeat the same pose with left leg. Both these poses are also known as ardha pawanmuktasana. Advanced wind releasing pose or pawanmuktasana is when you use both the legs simultaneously.

Besides regular yoga sessions it is also important to watch what you eat, focus on a well balanced but a low fat diet.

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