Yogasanas For Hip And Buttocks

(January 27, 2009)

How to reduce my hip and buttocks by doing asanas. I have undergone a abdominal plasty last year.

Since it has been a year after your surgery it is quite safe for you to start practicing yoga, although try it very slowly at first and see how your body responds to it. Your skin might have healed completely by now but you need to check how much it can stretch because yoga asanas include a lot of stretching asanas or postures and if your skin is not very elastic it might cause a lot of strain. So it would be best if you start right from the basics and then very slowly move on to the other advanced asanas or postures.

For best and long lasting results you should get yourself enrolled in a regular yoga class where you have a professionally qualified instructor to teach you. Inform your instructor about your abdomen surgery and also discuss the fact that you want to lose weight around your hips and buttocks. Your instructor will take care to slowly introduce you to the basics and will make sure that you do not strain yourself at all. It will take some time for your body to get use to it and your skin will also regain its elasticity very slowly and safely. In the meanwhile you can start by practicing Dhyana or meditation, as that is absolutely safe for every body who wants to start learning yoga. Rise preferably early in the morning and choose some music tracks that are specially designed for meditation. Focus on your breathing and meditate. This will help you to slow down and harmonize your breathing and will help to relax and calm your mind and body.

Dhyana or meditation has several benefits for your body and is the first step in learning yoga. It helps to prepare your body to learn the pranayama or the breathing exercises. These are several kinds of breathing exercises that you can practice in various asanas or poses. Generally people meditate or practice pranayama or breathing exercises in the Padma asana or the lotus pose. But if this is too uncomfortable for you in the beginning as your skin might not be very elastic, you may start with the Sukha asana or the easy pose. It is also known as the comfortable pose and is really very easy and comfortable. You could also try the Ardha Padma asana or the half lotus pose, as this is less straining then the Padma asana or the full lotus pose.

Submitted by G M on January 27, 2009 at 11:53

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