Yoga For Healing Cancer

It is not my habit to make tall claims. However I have myself witnessed, time and again, how cancer can successfully be treated through yoga therapy. For example, there was this son-in-law of a multimillionaire, brought to a Yoga ashram.

Incidentally, he himself happened to be an eminent surgeon. He had studied in London and had gone back to India because of family problems. Later in life he was detected with cancer of the spine.


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He went to the ashrama and they only recommended two practices, yoga diet and breathing exercises. In fact all the man had to have to do was fold back his tongue and touch his upper palate with it. This is called Khechari Mudra. Besides, he was taught a particular pranayama called Ujjayi. In this, the breath sounds like an ocean; hence this pranayama is also called ocean breath. Some people also call this pranayama psychic breathing. With his eyes open or shut, the doctor was told to breathe like this 50, 100 or 150 times.

First of all he was highly skeptical. He asked, 'Will this practice help heal me?' He was given an affirmative "yes". The man, himself happened to be a doctor and, unfortunately, he had abandoned all hopes of survival.

The ashramites requested him, Sir, kindly do it with hope and enthusiasm.' He followed the instructions for a whole year or more. The end result is fantastic, the man is still very much alive today. He is completely cured of cancer. The only unfortunate thing is that he could not move his head, right or left. This was the result of a certain test he had undergone before to going into the ashram.

The ashramites advised him, 'Don't worry, if you persist with the yoga practices, in the course of a year or two, your neck will be fine again.' A year later he replied to say he was fit as a fiddle. He is still working as the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine in a well known Indian Hospital. He tells all his students that Yoga is mandatory for wholesome living. Not just as a philosophy or a spiritual science, but because there are a lot of physical changes that definitely take place as part of the Yoga practice.

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