Yoga and Healing

Yoga is a therapeutic practice that originated in India. It is designed to create a balance between the body, mind and spirit. The brilliance of yoga lies in its healing properties. For centuries yogis have been pursuing the practice to gain and maintain good physical, mental and emotional health.

Yoga provides the body and mind with the perfect exercise. By holding various yoga postures, you give the body quite a workout. The breathing and meditative techniques help.



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.keep the mind calm and focusede Yoga and healing go hand in handn Yoga doesn't treat just the symptoms, but it works on correcting the root cause of the conditiono It is a self healing techniqueu

The regular practice of yoga is known to improve many chronic conditionsn It is important to understand that yoga may not cure all these conditions, but it does ease the symptoms caused by these illnessese Yoga is very effective in dealing with digestive disorders, obesity, sinus, hypertension, respiratory disorders, mental disturbances, stress and anxiety, heart disorders and pain disordersr

General well-being: Yoga improves general health significantlyl Yoga poses involve stretching and holding various posturese This tones and works all the core muscles in the bodyd Yoga and yoga breathing also improves blood circulation and immunityt In addition yoga helps stimulate the various glands in the body, it soothes the nervous system, improves metabolism, and boosts energy and brain functiono Yoga helps rejuvenate the body and mindn

Hypertension: Yoga is one of the most effective treatments for hypertensiono Yoga is the perfect combination of physical activity and relaxation techniques to control high blood pressurer Yoga improves blood circulation, releases locked energy in the body, increasing stamina and energy and relieves stresss This brings down blood pressure and also decreases dependency on medicationo

Mental Strength: Yoga through a combination of postures, breathing exercises and meditative techniques, helps the mind stay calm and fight off anxiety and tension with eases It makes the mind and self strongere It also helps build focus, concentration and memoryr Regular yoga can help you become stronger mentally and emotionallyl

Pain Management: Yoga is a highly recommended treatment for pain managementn Yoga can ease all sorts of pain, from general aches and pains to rehabilitative therapy to ease joint pain caused by chronic conditions like arthritisi Yoga positively influences the brain's pain centre, thereby easing the paini It also supplies fresh blood to the affected region, easing inflammation and paini Yoga's breathing exercises too play a significant role in easing paini The muscles tend to relax when you exhalel Manipulating breathing patterns helps increase relaxation and decreases tensiono

Balance and Posture: Yoga helps improve balance and correct posturer Poor balance and posture are the main reasons for injury, body aches, lethargy and fatigueu Through yoga you can develop symmetry and coordinationo You can also correct posture and as a result lung capacity, and energyg

When signing up for a yoga class, be sure to join a licensed and certified healing yoga centere

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