Healing Yoga

Besides its myriad other advantages, Yoga also has a supernatural healing power. Healing Yoga, an exclusive type of Yoga in itself, which has evolved from other traditional practices, has been made use of in healing disorders ranging from constipation hyperacidity, asthma and bronchitis to cancer, heart disorders, hypertension, insomnia, menstrual disorders, obesity, sinus and a number of other diseases.

Yoga's healing power of is so wonderful.



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.that it is being seriously considered for treating serious infirmities such as sclerosis, cerebral palsy and osteoporosisi

Another example of Healing Yoga is that it lets people control a variety of body functionsn These include including blood pressure, body temperature, heart rate, metabolic functions so on and so fortht Research has shown that people who regularly practice Yoga have lower anxiety, are more stress resistant, have normal blood pressure, great heart function and overall enhanced physical fitnesss

Another specific aspect of Healing Yoga is Pranic healingn This is an effective healing modality that is safe, non-contact and easy to learnr However, it is a lot more than just waving a hand around somebody and relieving paini It is a system that has been - and still can be - successfully applied in almost every aspect of lifef

With the help of pranic healing techniques the healer is able to determine the pathological processes transpiring inside a person's body long before the disease is manifest in the physical bodyd This makes Healing Yoga a great tool in disease preventiono A pranic healer can examine, cleanse, energize and balance the energy fields in the human body, as a result of which, its scope is unlimitede Using pranic-healing techniques a healer is able to cure even animals, plants, human relationships, and business; purify and increase the energy level of foodstuffs, water, medicines, inanimate objects, and living spacese

This aspect of Healing Yoga is based on two natural laws: (1) the body heals itself and (2) prana, or life force, keep the physical body alive and healthyh Since the physical and energy bodies are closely linked, cleansing and energizing the energy body speed up the rate of biochemical reactions and promote a faster rate of healing in the physical bodyd Thanks to its enormous benefits, today Healing Yoga is being practiced by people of different creeds all over the world, including Catholic nuns, Buddhist monks, and Indian swamis, among othersr


Which yoga you will recommend for cervical spondilysis?

The cervical spine is the area of the spinal column located immediately below the head. Neck pain is a common problem for many individuals. One can use yoga for cervical disc spine relief. One may also use a massage for cervical disc disease. Exercise for cervical disc problems will help over the long term. Yoga can be used to stretch and improve the strength of the cervical spine. Positions like the cobra position, the bridge position and the shoulder stand are all used to expand the spaces between the vertebrae of the neck area. This provides relief over the long term.

My liver has been damaged due to wrong medication? Any yoga?

The pancreas, spleen and liver are all important organs of the body located in the abdominal cavity. The functioning of these organs can be improved through yoga practice as there are poses in yoga that help to improve the condition of these organs in the body. There are specific yoga poses that can be used as pancreas healing yoga, spleen healing yoga and liver healing yoga. These poses include all poses that provide an intense side stretch on either side of the body. One specific relaxing pose that can be held for a long period of time is the pose where the legs are held up against a wall with the individual lying flat on the floor.

How should I control my diabetes with yoga?

All basic yoga poses are used to fight against conditions such as diabetes, blood pressure and obesity. This is because these basic poses, like the sun salutation sequence, provide the body with improved blood circulation, something that is essential for good health. The logic for the application of yoga asanas for diabetes and yoga for blood pressure is the fact that yoga helps to reduce stress, especially when performed over a period of time. Thus, one can say that both these conditions will improve as the individual performs yoga. The application of yoga for obesity is vague. As an exercise form, it can be used to burn some energy to reduce the severity of obesity.

Burning sensation while urination, which yoga I should practice?

Endometriosis, fibroids and recovery from a hysterectomy are all related with abdominal pain. In some cases, the woman may also suffer from excessive bleeding. Yoga for endometriosis should be done in such a way that inversions are avoided during periods of sustained bleeding. Yoga for fibroids and endometriosis involves various poses that help to open the pelvis and abdomen. The closed-angle position is one of the most common positions to help with this. Yoga after hysterectomy is a subject of some confusion. As long as the wound has fully healed, the woman can resume yoga after the surgery. Inversions such as the shoulder stand will help, but these must be done only when there is no bleeding taking place.

How yoga can be useful for rheumatoid arthritis?

Rheumatoid arthritis is an inflammatory form of arthritis that affects joints causing pain. Yoga poses for rheumatoid arthritis depend a lot on the area affected by the condition. The yoga poses performed should be done in such a way that there is no excessive pain in the body. That said, yoga will initially increase the pain as the process of healing takes place. Yoga boosts blood circulation which is an essential factor in relieving pain, inflammation and infection. Yoga for fibromyalgia applies the same logic. Improved circulation leads to improved recovery of damaged or injured parts of the body, thus reducing pain related to fibromyalgia. Besides this, yoga for gout problems is also well known.

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