Yoga for Healing Sinusitis

Yogis have customarily chanted the mantra 'Om.' This is to help focus the mind. But, this simple and most primordial of sounds could have a great and important side effect, especially in the winter months: The sound vibrations of 'Om' could even help keep the sinuses healthy.

Oftentimes due to germs getting in, the sinuses tend to swell as a result the ostia get blocked. Once this happens the mucus finds it difficult drain well.


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Bacteria start to breed within the sinuses. This, subsequently, causes a condition that is called sinusitis.

Researchers in the West have defined humming just as exhaling with sound. But you must do this with the mouth closed. They are of the opinion that that chanting the monosyllable 'Om' has the same effects on the sinuses. Both chanting as well as humming make sound vibrations. These make the air to move back and forth between one's sinus membranes and nasal passages and the air movement opens tiny ducts that connect the nose to the sinuses. This allows the sinuses to drain completely.

Approximately 37 million Americans suffer from sinusitis every year. The number of people is rising in tandem with air pollution and antibiotic resistance. Common symptoms of sinusitis may include facial pain together with colored nasal mucus discharge. Once you develop a case of sinusitis, you usually require antibiotics to cure it. On the other hand, daily humming or chanting of the sacred monosyllable 'Om' is known to definitely help prevent such an infection from actually taking root in the system.

It is logical how regular periods of humming are beneficial in cases of sinusitis. This is because the sinuses get well ventilated through the process of humming. Research done in this area has revealed that poor sinus ventilation raises the risk for sinusitis.

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