Yoga for Healing Hypertension

Hypertension is the result of the pressure in the system getting too high. This leads to high risks in the system. Commonly called High Blood Pressure, it also refers to the quantum of pressure in one’s arteries.

In the diagnosis of High Blood Pressure, a number of readings have to be taken. If one’s rate of blood pressure touches as high as 140/90, then he or she is suffering from hypertension.

High Blood Pressure is also related to.



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.other ailments such as stroke, heart attack and Coronary Artery Disease (CAD)D It could even lead to deatht

The two types of high blood pressure are as follows:

  • Primary Hypertensiono This is also called essential hypertensiono It is commonly the result of stress and injuryr There are no specific symptoms for primary hypertensiono Other causes r primary hypertension may include emotional disturbance, heredity, weather, being overweight, smoking and alcohol intakek
  • Secondary Hypertensiono This could lead to kidney infections, breakdown of the Endocrine Gland and even arterial problems like arteriosclerosisi

Since there are no specific symptoms for hypertension, High Blood Pressure came to be called the silent killere

If hypertension is not diagnosed at an early stage, it could lead to arterial cardiac and renal damageg And yet, High Blood Pressure may be diagnosed if people feel a mild and pounding headache, dizziness, hazy vision, ringing in the ears, and disturbed renal functioningn If a person experiences these symptoms continually, they could even bring about a heart attack, heart failure, stroke, or paralysisi

For managing hypertension, lifestyle management is extremely importantn One of them is a Yoga lifestylel It helps treat and prevent hypertension through a set of physical and mental exercisese Given below are some of the Poses that could help a person manage Hypertensiono However, it must be noted that Yoga is not an exclusive treatment for Hypertensiono You must consult your doctor before taking up any Yoga practicese

Yoga Exercises for Hypertension

  • Shoulder Exercises
  • Double Leg Raises
  • Shoulder Stretches: They are excellent for getting rid of stress and tension from the shoulders, as well as entire upper backc (Done)

Yoga Poses

  • Sukhasana - Easy Pose
  • Bidalasana - Cat Pose
  • Ardha Matsyendrasana - Half Spinal Twist
  • Pavanamuktasana - Wind Relieving Pose

Breathing Exercises

  • Kapalabhatti Anuloma Viloma
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