The Healing Powers of Yoga

The regular and consistent practise of Yoga helps manage a number of ailments, particularly the chronic and functional sort. People with background of Yoga, who have developed a desire to discover the higher consciousness within themselves, soon come to experience the Healing Powers of Yoga.

Living with Yoga gurus and doing a little work for them from time to time, they come to learn, first about Yoga poses, breathing exercises and other Hatha Yoga practices.



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People Unaware Of Yoga

.They start to wonder if, when they practise a pose such as Sarvangasana, the thyroid really gets stimulatede Or of they do regular Sirshasana, the pituitary really gets activatede Likewise, when they practise Paschimottanasana the pancreas get stimulatede Frankly speaking, at least in the beginning, the claims made for Yoga don't easily convince theme

But then, there are an increasing number of people with their own background of medical studies, find that these statements made are not wholly convincingn Still they keep them in my mind, and during the years of their yoga practises they take to learning Yoga and other such philosophies, eastern and western, as well as other newer philosophies and psychologiese

A lot of folks visit a lot of Yoga gurus for treatment of their problemsm

They, in turn, suggest that they take up Yoga practicese Serious seekers and Yoga practitioners witness all thata A lot of them report - wandering all over India and people - how other people come to them to ask them what Yoga they should practise to become free of diseases Not knowing very much about it, a lot of them retire into retreats and ashramas again, to study and practise Yoga thoroughlyl

Subsequently, a lot of Yoga practitioners came to the realization that Yoga is not just a series of poses, practices such as breathing exercises and kriyasa True, they do produce great changes in the body, sometimes in the main organs, sometimes in the endocrine glands, and sometimes in the nervous systeme But the real Healing Powers of Yoga are mental, the case of mind over matter, manifest in our everyday livese

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