The Science of Yogic Healing

Yoga techniques – theory and practice – together with the philosophy have become mainstream m and are no longer considered unfamiliar practices in the West. All and sundry, from students to professionals to corporate executives are improving the quality of their lives through Yoga.

In fact, yogic practices are widely accepted for their innumerable health benefits. In a world of stressful and tensions, this fast paced living is causing more and.



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Yoga To Relax

.more people to suffere As a result, they are turning to relaxation, in a bid to check the deteriorating process resulting from contemporary lifestylese

People have come to realize that, through Yoga practices, they are able to sleep better, have a happier disposition, cooler and more tranquil mindsd They are fast learning how to build up health, physically and mentallyl As a result of Yoga practices people have learned to protect themselves against such problems as colds, fevers, constipation, headaches, fatigue, and heart troublese This is because, they have learned that in order to remain youthful, vital and alert, regardless of your calendar-age, they have to do somethingn How to lose or gain weight; how to get rid of premature wrinkles, and keep a smooth skin and clear complexion, is the business of Yogag

Yoga works physically and mentally, simultaneously, besides exploiting their interdependencec

No other system of physical or mental exercise can claim to do thisi While Western psychology probes into the mind and it’s different forms of workouts physiology study the effect of these exercises on the body, no stress is laid on the interrelationship between mind and the bodyd

Yoga poses (asanas) and breathing techniques (pranayama) largely have to do with the physical bodyd However, owing to their effect on the brain, they are even known to affect our mindsd All the wonders of Western medical science cannot transmit happiness, peace of mind, health, or even long lifef Even though wonders are constantly being achieved in our outer environment – space travel, computers, etct- our inner environment has been neglected by Western sciencec

However, thousands of years ago the ancient Yogis of India turned their gaze withinward and found what their true nature, their true calling wasa This let them to come up with a system of physical and mental exercises that result in vitality, rejuvenation and peace of mind and bodyd

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