Balance Of Energies and Chakras

The body lives by life force, the mind by a mental force. This implies that there are 2 vital forms of energy in our system. One type of energy is responsible for the maintaining the gross organs of the body.

The other energy is responsible for handling our mental activities. When we practise yoga regularly, particularly the major practices, they exert mild pressure on the 7 important chakras of the body, roughly corresponding to points on the spinal passage.


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Four of these seven, channelize out life force and mental force. Disease is the result of an imbalance of the proportion of energies in our body.

The majority of health conditions today stem from in the mind. Then they pass through to the body and from the body return to the mind once more. This is how all sickness and illnesses come about, multiply and return. For this reason, whatever the source of the ailment, a one's body and mind both suffer simultaneously. These 2 forces function just like material forces. You may for the time being, call them "positive and negative" forces. The negative forces govern the mind and its functions. The positive ones manage the functioning of the body, its temperature, motility, so on and so forth.

The two forces are spread all over our bodies through the four centers.

These are located in the spinal axis. They are at the sacral area, solar plexus area, cardiac area and cervical area. These centers are also called chakras or, otherwise, psychic centers. For optimum health and well being, these 4 chakras should necessarily be in balance. If you lose this balance in your body, then you invite disease of that particular part of the system.

Mental illnesses come about when the pranic force dominates and the mental force becomes docile. Physical illnesses take place when your mental force becomes prevalent over the pranic force, which becomes acquiescent. Modern medical sciences also teach us this. When one's parasympathetic nervous system predominates and sympathetic nervous system is submissive, you have either the physical or psychic disorders. It is only when you strike a chord of harmony between these two forces - the sympathetic and the parasympathetic that is perfect harmony in the body.

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