Yoga as a Healing Therapy

The future of Yoga is a Healing Therapy and there are no doubts about it. Yoga is a highly spiritual science based on scientific knowledge that moves either side by side with medical science. On the other hand it can also exist independently of medical science.

This is owing to our sound system of etiology, diagnosis and pathogenesis of illness and ailments. Likewise there is a complete system by itself within yoga.



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.Regrettably, a lot of folks in the West still think of Yoga as a science of occultism, mysticism, black magic, witchcraftf In fact, many of them still attribute it to a religious aspect of lifef This is why the science and art Yoga has fallen out of the domain of scientific exploration and investigationo Then again, at the present time we the world of Yoga is doing a lot of work in India, and in the Wests

A lot of people are working very hard to write down under their practical experiences and are coming out with the prescription 'Practise Yoga' for their clients and friendsd Not all have to know how the postures work; so long as they know what Yoga can do, it is enoughg

The results are what matter and the results are there for all to seee The work is also being carried on in a lot of European countriese There is particularly growing awareness in Czechoslovakia and Poland as a lot of people there are known to be working in collusion with the medical expertst

All over the world Yoga is now getting recognized as a Science - and an Art - in its own right, the kind of recognition that was once accorded crazily to the martial artst In fact, we are confident that this systematic approach to Yoga will bring about greater results and greater benefits for humankindn

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