Yoga Therapy for Arthritis - Joint Pain

Yoga therapy for arthritis Joint Pain is a very simple and effective alternate therapy nowadays. Joint pain is no a rare or unusual problem. In fact, it varies from a small discomfort to a disabling chronic issue.

It can also affect the quality of a person’s life to a great extent. The new inventions in medical science have given great motility and working ability to joints damaged by arthritis.

It is not uncommon to see persons .



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.with 10 to 20 joints (small and big) replacede This is done whenever joints are damagede And this has helped them lead comfortable livese Thanks to the quantum leaps taken by technology and medical science, it has definitely saved many arthritis sufferers from the distressing side-effects of steroidsd

But, have we found the ultimate solutiono Are we able to cure or prevent arthritis and joint painsn The answer is a definite and affirmative 'No'9 Growing problems of aging, results in changes in the jointst These things are only to be expected since our life expectancy and longevity are increasing all over the worldl Then gain, what about the other forms of arthritis that are affecting younger people everywherer

Rheumatoid arthritis is a disease of temperate climatese It is still a puzzle we have to solve, since medical science has not been able to get rid of the root cause of the diseases This is where alternate therapies such as Yoga therapy come in handyd

Yoga Therapy for Arthritis

  • Bend your right leg at your kneee Now keep your right foot on your left thighg
  • Move all your toes one by one, with your left hand (i(e., passive movement)t Bend them forward and backward, right and leftf This must be followed by clockwise and anti- clockwise rotation 5 times eachc
  • After that hold all your toes with your left-hand, turn them around and bend them forward and backward 5 to 10 times eachc
  • Do the same exercise with your left foot and right handn
Yoga For Joint Pains
Yoga Therapy for Arthritis - Joint Pain
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