Yoga Therapy for Backache - Acute Episodes

Yoga therapy for backache, particularly acute episodes, is useful in maintaining the strength and flexibility of the spine. These Yoga techniques, for the most part, involve slow physical movements.

These are followed by deep relaxation practices. People suffering from minor acute episodes of back pain should do a regular practice of a basic set of yoga practices.


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This includes 45 to 50 minutes of practices including Surya Namaskar, loosening exercises, 8 - 10 Yoga poses that are followed by deep relaxation practices, Pranayama and meditation is also recommended in the program for promoting of positive health. They can, and should, be practiced regularly.

Yoga therapy for back ache, during acute episodes

Complete bed rest in is mandatory. This may vary from a couple days to around 4-6 weeks. Bed rest should be taken till the intensity of pain reduces. During this period of complete bed rest and immobility, some treatments may be administered, depending upon severity of pain. These include pain killers, muscle relaxants, cold or hot fomentation will help you to get relief from the acute pain.

Yoga exercise for of backache an dhow to do it

  • Rest on your back for a while. Your feet should be together, with hands spread sideways at shoulder level.
  • Firmly press your palms on the ground.

  • Bend your left leg at your knee and keep your left ankle by the side of your right knee.
  • Take a deep breath and as you exhale, slowly move your right knee to the left side towards the floor, as far as comfortable and simultaneously turn the head to the right as far as you can.
  • Then inhale, lift your left knee up and return your head to the centre.
  • Then, as you exhale move your right knee to your right towards the floor. At the same time turn your head to your left.
  • As you inhale take back your left knee and your head to a starting position, back. to the centre.
  • This constitutes 1 round; you must do 5 rounds.
  • Do the same on the left side, that is, with your right leg folded and your left leg straight on the floor.
Yoga For Acute Backaches
Yoga Therapy for Backache - Acute Episodes
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