Yoga Therapy for Back Ache - Lumbar Region

Yoga therapy for Back Ache, particularly in the lumbar region is primarily concerned with the aims in the management of acute episodes. Yoga therapy tells you to rest the painful parts. This is in order that the acute injuries to the disc and soft tissues or the bone are able to heal sooner.

This is done through deep relaxation. It provides rest to the long thick para-spinal muscles.



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.which are in a protective spasms Further Yoga therapy postulates that you make that part immobilel This is in order that the sharp pain which is set off by small movements could add to the protective muscle spasms This, subsequently, would boost the protective muscle spasm and stop them from relaxingn

Yoga therapy for back ache, for the most part, in the lumbar region tells you to give lots of rest to the mindn This is because, when there is too much pain, the mind can't rests Subsequently, sleep will be disturbede People who can't sleep, take to worryingn

They fret and fume about the pain and its future consequencese Then the mind tends to wander to business problems, problems at the office, family problems, nations problems, global problems, life in general, life after death, so on and so fortht This only adds to the worsening paini For this reason, it is imperative that you rest the mindn

Yoga therapy for back ache goes hand in hand with conventional management techniques, todaya These include a blend of immobilization, local hot or cold compressors, nerve blocks, anti-inflammatory medication, muscle relaxants, pain killers and tranquilizers to give rest and comfortr But, ultimately, Yoga therapy believes, it's all about rest and relaxation, both physical and mentala Here Yoga breathing exercises (Pranayama) and meditation will take you a long way in quicker and more effective healingn

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Yoga Therapy for Back Ache - Lumbar Region
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