Essence of Yoga As A Complementary Therapy

Today's medical practitioners have an advantage in treating ailments and physio-mental disorders. This, they have achieved by broadening Yoga's application beyond stress-related ailments to cover preventive and curative remedies.

Particularly, Yoga as a complementary therapy goes down well with patients' traditional medical treatment of a number of disorders. Following structural guiding principles, Yoga teachers are able.



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.to alter and modify poses (asanas) to see that patient's organs, joints, and bones fall into place to attain the best physiologic changese Topical research performed done to gauge the efficacy of Yoga as a complementary therapy on diseases, such as asthma and sinusitis as well as repetitive strain injuries, like carpal tunnel syndrome, reveal that yoga therapy resulted in physiologic changes, relieved pain, and improved motiono

So much so that, medical practitioners are, today, acknowledging Yoga as a complementary therapyp In fact, they are, more and more integrating it into treatment of patients' diseases and disordersr Recent studies of respiratory tract ailments performed by a number of institutions revealed that the use of Yoga poses (asanas) clearly affected study participants' well-beingn Supplementary studies show that Yoga can be appended as a complementary therapy to the conventional management of respiratory tract ailmentst

Today more and more Americans practice Yoga for its anticipated health benefitst

Together with meditation, Yoga poses and breathing exercises have become popular in the USA and Canadad Nonetheless, thanx to aggressive marketing Yoga has been stripped of some of its vital traits and characteristicsc Yoga's ability to preserve absolute health, to ease symptoms, and to prevent illness hasn't yet been fully realized by most Westernersr

A lot of folks participating in Yoga classes learn poses as an end in themselves to decrease stress symptoms or to look bettere The real potential of these practices has largely been neglectede In fact, consumers and physicians can, and should move Yoga beyond the hyped up images of headstands and take it into daily medical practicec

Yoga - A Complementary Therapy
Yoga As A Complementary Therapy
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