Yoga And Anxiety

Yoga therapy proposes that before looking for a cure for anxiety it is better to examine the nature and causes of the problem. It is also good to have an idea as to how things will proceed once you have managed to get rid of the symptoms.

This is for the simple reason that if you don’t you might still labor under illusions of what a cure is be like. For instance, getting rid of anxiety is not the end result of treatment for panic attacks.


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The result should be one’s ability to manage one’s anxious feelings.

Yoga therapy is especially useful here, because it shows you how to work together with your own nervous system. If you wish to calm down, pacify and strengthen your nervous system, you must learn deep, relaxed Yoga breathing (pranayama). Never mind the corridors of stimulation; breath is the lingo of nervous system equilibrium and control.

Yoga therapy is an excellent way to learn breathing skills. Breathing is a gradual process; oftentimes, it calls for a lot of support over some time. Yoga therapy instructors soon recognize when a sufferer is having trouble. It is often the case with panic victims and they know a wide variety of alternate practices which help the patient master breathing skills.

The psychology of Yoga therapy also suggests a number of processes to help resolve issues. These include recognizing, admitting and accepting the issue in all its depth. It also calls for acknowledging the call for some sort of change. Yoga therapy proposes resisting the inclination to act out feelings or to do nothing. Rather, it suggests exploring alternatives and communicating with people without getting into a blame game, accept feedback from people, make use of discrimination in accepting or rejecting alternatives; surrender unnecessary losses; act with determination; accept results with calmness and composure. Yoga therapy, as part of its work also suggests working calmly on a problem even if a negative outcome, or no outcome, seems inevitable. By letting intuition suggest new possibilities you find new ways. These strategies are derived from the age old scientific are of Yoga, highly developed and hones attitudes toward life which form the basis of all Yoga therapy.

Yoga And Anxiety
Yoga and Anxiety
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