Reflexology Massage Therapy

Reflexology therapy is a very old art practiced by the early Egyptians. This science was founded on the grounds that regions of the ears, hands and feet are constituted of partitions and reflex response areas.

These partitions and reflex actually correspond to all glands, organs and bodily systems.Reflexology Therapy is a procedure by which pressure is applied to these areas. It results in decrease of stress with the usage of hand, finger and thumb.


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Reflexology therapy encourages physiological improvements in the body. As 75% of all problems related to health are connected to strain thus reflexology therapy proves an invaluable treatment.

Reflexology therapy is one of the most efficient methods in unconventional medicine. Reflex zone therapy is a kind of massage therapy which is centered fully on the foot. It is founded on the thought that all nerves start in the foot and move up the body. This means that, when any part of the body is not functioning correctly then reflexology therapy helps in relieving the problem. Thus the whole human being can be affected by pressing or stroking. Pressing of the points on the soles, toes, insteps, sized spots, and areas in and around the ankles. Also pressing of the fingers, back of hands, palms etc. play a role in reflexology therapy. There can be many kinds of gains accepting reflex zone therapy, some of which are accomplished instantly, where as some might take many treatments to achieve.

Reflexology Therapy Benefits

Benefits of a reflexology therapy session include raised blood flow to the different parts of the body.

It gives relief from the present pain and provides relaxation. Reflexology therapy has the common outcome of turning the ladies on. Thus this is a big aid in married life. In a man reflexology therapy produces impotency for a few hours, but this does not decrease sensuality. Reflexology therapy the functioning of the immune system can be noticeably influenced. Reflexology therapy is not only prevention but also a treatment.

Conservative reflexology therapy is exercised with the patient reclined. Interactive reflexology also works when the client is lying down or sitting and the person who is being treated can be trained to work their correct hand reflexes.

Other perpendicular reflexology therapy is an exceptional reflexology method where the feet are for a short time treated in a standing and also in a weight-bearing position. Some think that it is too uncomfortable for the aged and the too young ones. There are definite health situations that may not be appropriate for zone reflexology therapy. Do not try evident pious curing without the client’s consent.

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