How Good Is A Career In Reflexology

Alternative medicine is a popular and growing science. With demand for alternative health practitioners increasing, reflexology is fast becoming one of the top career options for people who want to enter this line.

Reflexology is an ancient science, and there is anecdotal proof that it has been practiced since the time of the ancient Greeks.


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Also, the concept of energy channels is not new, and many Eastern cultures have long treated illnesses as a manifestation of a blockage in the energy flow in the body.

Reflexology works on the principle that each part of the body is hardwired to another part, such as an organ, and that by stimulating the one part, benefits can accrue to the other part. For example, the foot alone is said to be a snapshot of the entire body, and different parts of the foot are connected to most of the major organs in our body. By massaging the foot alone, these organs can be stimulated and benefits accrued.

The massage therefore presupposes that the therapist is aware of which part of the foot to stimulate to get a specific benefit. This requires training, and in this article, we talk about how and where you can receive the required training to be able to move forward into a career in reflexology.

Where can I get trained in reflexology?

You'd be surprised to know that there are a number of institutes that offer training in reflexology. In fact there are institutions that offer online courses if that is what you want to do.


The prerequisite for the training is generally not too high in terms of educational qualifications, and the fees tend to vary a lot depending on the specific course you choose.

Reflexology education and coursework

Although reflexology is a very old science, it's still very new in terms of organized training. This means that each institute is free to offer coursework that it feels would be necessary for a good therapist. Reflexology education generally covers human anatomy in great detail, but that is not all. The subjects covered will include a study of the energy channels of the body, meditation and even practical sessions so that you can personally feel the benefit.

Duration and cost

The duration and cost varies a lot depending on the course. For example, an online course will be much cheaper than a full time one. Also most institutions offer different kinds of certificates. There is usually a short course and a longer one. The short course will only give you the basics of the science, and you may not have a lot of actual training as part of the course.

The full course generally lasts longer and is more thorough. The cost varies hugely, and there are institutes that offer a short 2 to 3 week course for less than $1000, while there are others that can charge you much more.


Unfortunately, the actual certificates that you obtain from these institutes are not of much value. This is because although there is a centralized institute that does offer these certificates, many institutions that offer courses are not affiliated to this. The actual one-on-one training that you get as part of your course is therefore the most valuable.

What are my career options?

People who complete a recognized course or one from a reputed institute can obtain positions as a masseuse in a number of spas and luxury hotels. Massage is a booming industry, and a good masseuse can become well known in their circle very fast. There is also the option of operating as a freelancer, or on cruise ships where the salary range is much higher than normal.

Further education

Many institutes also offer separate training courses for people who have already been in the industry, and who want to improve their skills. There are certificate courses that last from anywhere between a few days and a few weeks, and are meant specifically for those who want to get better at their chosen profession. Once again, further education options in massage and reflexology has its own pitfalls. As with any other kind of massage therapy, it is the personal skill of the masseuse that counts more than the degree certificates that they possess.


A person who wants to make a career in this field needs to have a personal aptitude towards it. Massage is becoming standard practice for a number of ailments, and there are hundreds of testimonials online from people who say that reflexology has benefited either them or their family member in everything from neurological diseases to anger management. As a career option, reflexology is a very good option. It is not too expensive to learn and has a large and growing market. In fact, many therapists are employed full time in hospitals, and the demand for qualified therapists is much more than there are therapists.

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