How To Learn Remedial Massage

Remedial massage refers to deep tissue massage done to improve the body’s condition to get back to normal after injuries like broken bones, sprains, bruising, strains, and any other injury where the skin is left intact.

It is also used for injuries or conditions caused by the lifestyle of a person like back pain and repetitive strain injury.


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Remedial massage therapists need to have physiological and anatomical knowledge as well as the skills to locate and repair damage to joints, tendons and muscles.

Study options for remedial massage therapy students

There are many study options for students wanting to pursue remedial massage. Colleges offer full-time classes, as well as distance education. Most massage colleges offer this course as a diploma in remedial massage. Curriculums are designed to provide the skills required for this particular massage therapy, along with experiential training with local clinics. In distance or online education, students receive and are assessed on theory and are also required to complete the experiential period. The qualification enables people to choose from opting to work in private clinics, health service providers, medical service or complimentary therapy for injury management and rehabilitation in the sport arena, and corporate and business sectors.

Course Length

The total course length for full-time study is 1 year, however if one opts for distance or online education of remedial massage, it can take up to 2 years. Some universities and colleges also entertain an extension of the course if the student provides a valid reason for being able to complete the course within the specified time.

Course Fees

Fees generally depend on the institution and location you choose.

Australia and the UK have many schools and colleges that offer the remedial massage course. Full time courses are in the price range of 2500 to 3500 US dollars. Online courses are often cheaper than full-time courses. Most institutions offer payment plans that can be made with installments.

Is clinical experience required in the course?

Yes, clinical experience is most necessary to achieve a qualification in remedial massage. This form of therapy is a hands-on experience and practical application is essential to complete the course. Different teaching institutes and organizations offer different approaches to teaching remedial massage. Most begin with theory and then with a blended style of practical as well as theoretical studies while others begin with theory and have practical experience towards the end of the course. Whichever approach the curriculum leans towards, clinical experience is mandatory.

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