Pre And Post Effects Of Remedial Massage Therapy

Remedial massage is also known as myotherapy. Remedial massage is simply what the name suggests; it is a massage that helps remedy or rectify injuries in the body.

This type of massage helps the body by clearing muscle knots and even sets the bones correctly, thus helping the body heal faster.


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Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

A remedial massage is a deep massage, where the focus is on massaging the soft tissues in order to promote faster healing. While this form of massage is used in many Western facilities, it has been used in ancient cultures for many centuries.

This type of massage is usually done to help people recover from different types of musculoskeletal injuries such as those suffered by sports persons and those who suffered injuries caused by falls or accidents. Even chronic neuromuscular problems are rectified through remedial massage techniques.

Listed below are some of the problems for which remedial massage is believed to be very effective.

  • Lifestyle related problems such as back pain and strains
  • Injuries such as Achilles injuries, tennis elbow, hamstring injuries, shin injuries, tendinitis, cartilage damage, and scar tissue
  • Strains in the groin, shoulder and other areas

What to expect during treatment?

Unlike regular massages that make you feel really good during the treatment process, remedial massage can cause a bit of tenderness. This is because the therapist is treating damaged muscles or tissue that has either not been set right or is still very raw.

You may experience a bit of discomfort during a massage like this; however, you should not experience too much pain as it may actually worsen the condition. If you do feel any pain, you must discuss it with your therapist as they will be able to better judge the area of injury and the extent of damage.

What to expect after treatment?

Remedial massage has shown a lot of success in treating injuries both old and new, which other forms of medication and treatment have been unsuccessful with. The effectiveness of the treatment depends mainly on the practitioner. An experienced and skillful practitioner, who understands the human body well, will be able to set things right within one to three settings. For this reason, a lot of health care facilities offer this kind of therapy for athletes and those who tend to over use and strain their muscles. It is widely believed that remedial massage is one of the best treatment options for any kind of musculoskeletal injury.

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Effects Of Remedial Massage Therapy
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