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(September 5, 2010)

Sir, i Satyabrata Nayak,want to join in the course of Vikram/hatha yoga in Kolkata. Plz let me know if rhere is any facility.

Nowadays on account of the growing popularity of yoga and its health benefits there are plenty of forms of yoga that are available to suit ones lifestyle and needs. One needs to ensure that they choose the right yoga facilities and the correct studio that has the suitable exercise facilities. While choosing one of the suitable fitness facilities in ones areas one should first compare the yoga or Tai chi facilities that are available in ones area in terms of the atmosphere one is looking for. Some of the yoga studios or fitness facilities tend to be commercial or modern in nature and appearance whereas others tend to be more spiritual in nature with incense and new age music as well. Those individuals who wish to take up yoga but do not have the right props or yoga mats needed to check with their yoga studio or the fitness facilities whether they provide the same. This is because some yoga facilities will offer their members props, bolsters, mats, blankets etc whereas other fitness facilities expect the members to carry their own. While choosing the correct yoga facilities for oneself, one also needs to decide ‘which is the yoga style that they want to take up’. Most of these exercise facilities tend to offer the basic forms of yoga such as Hatha yoga which tends to concentrate on breath as well as alignment and is considered to be an excellent form of yoga to start with for beginners and also intermediate students at most yoga facilities. The other forms of yoga are the Iyengar yoga which is used to concentrate on alignment and tends to use plenty of hold poses for a longer time as well as props. Similarly, the Vinyasa is also a flow class which tends to allow the student to concentrate on the synchronization or breath and movement through the Surya Namaskar or the Sun Salutation which consists of a series of movements. One should also decide on whether they would prefer male or female instructors or trainers which deciding on gym facilities. While surveying various gyms in ones area one should check on their hygiene levels and also check if their equipment is in good shape and maintained well. As far as possible it is also advisable to talk to the faculty and staff at the gym and ask for their credentials and if they are trained in first aid and CPR in case of emergencies.

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Yoga training facilities 

The city of Kolkata has always been a center of yoga institutes ever since pre-independence days with training institutes in nearly every crevice in the city. In recent reports it has been noted that there are 300 to more than 400 training centers imparting education in yoga. Bikram Yoga is taught in the Bishnu Charan Ghosh's College of Physical Education in north Kolkata. This institute was started in 1923 and has a number of devoted pupils and a range of instructors. It is claimed that Bikram Chaudhary, who is the founder and proponent of Bikram Yoga all across the world, learned yoga at this institute and excelled in the college for many years until he branched out on his own. The Bishnu Charan Ghosh's College of Physical Education also has branches in Japan and Australia.

One of the more famous institutes among the many yoga centers in Kolkata is the Yoga Swasthya Mandir that has been imparting yoga education to many for more than 20 years. The Yoga Swasthya Mandir has more than three branches in and around the city and the fees are supposed to nominal. Another well-known institute you could also check out is Satyanand Yoga Kendra that also has a range of instructors and flexible class timings.

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