Stationary Vs. Portable Massage Tables

A massage is one of the most popular techniques of relaxation and stress relief.

There are several types of massage forms, all of which promote wellbeing and rejuvenate tired muscles.


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The most essential part of any massage is the equipment used during the massage session. In a professional massage setup, a quality massage table is the most important equipment. The massage table is a specialized piece of furniture that is utilised to position the client in a correct and comfortable position.

There are two basic kinds of tables used during a massage session.

  • Portable massage tables
  • Stationary massage tables

So which is better? Well, both are equally good. Each one of these tables has distinct and specific uses. The type of table required for a massage depends greatly upon the type of massage and the nature of the facility.

Portable Massage Tables

A portable massage table is good for massage therapists who provide on-call doorstep massage facility. The costs for setting up a permanent facility are hugely cut by offering the client a personalized and exclusive massage service in the comforts of their homes.

A portable massage table is lightweight equipment that can be easily folded and moved around. A good quality portable is made up of metal or hardwood and weighs around 30 pounds. The portable table offers functionality and comfort, and the most important parts of the design are stability, convenience, comfort and strength.

The premium quality portable massage tables available in the market include comfortable poly urethane vinyl with 2 ½ inches of padding or cushioning to provide maximum comfort and relaxation to the customer during the massage. Portable tables come within an economical price range of $200 to $350.

Stationary Massage Table

Stationary massage tables are a perfect choice for professional salons or massage clinics. Stationary tables have a few advantages over their portable counterparts. Stationary tables have built-in closets and cabinets for storage purposes. The stationary tables also come with thicker cushions, tilt tops, and plush face cradles. The adequacy of the stationary tables is primarily because of its design flexibility.

The spare design characteristics of the stationary massage table add considerably to the cost of the table. The price range starts from $500 for the simplest design to $ 2000 for more premium design.

The Better One

The mobility and the economics of the portable table may work in favour of most independent massage therapists. The design of the portable massage table is mostly durable and customer friendly. The versatility sets them apart from their stationary equivalents. However, stationary tables have the advantage of added features and technological innovations such as electric lifts.

The choice of the correct table for the massage purposes depends on various key factors. The massage table is a substantial expenditure. It is important to make the best decision depending upon the requirement, usage, comfort, price and most importantly the client base.

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